[Advent] Not So Silly Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumpers have had a bit of a revival of late and this year is no exception.  I'm a little bit gutted not to have an excuse to buy one this year; the annual jumper-dinner is the weekend after I leave for South Africa.  But, as it's Christmas and I'm feeling nice I thought I'd share my favourite little gems with you...

Lets be honest, if you can get something thats good quality you should.  I spotted these J Crew number in the Regent Street store at the weekend and loved them so much I nearly dived into the pile of them.  For one, it's they're really soft. Like really soft. Secondly, one has a festive LLAMA on it. Because everyone knows reindeer are so 2012, right? Look aside from the faux-camel and then extremely posh-banter-apres-ski-acceptable skier on one of them, these are awesome. Get one, and don't tell me because I am extremely jealous already...

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EnBrogue said...

Ah, wish I'd seen this earlier. I was on Woman's Hour waxing lyrical on this very subject this morning!! I think you should buy the skier one...x

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