[Advent] Felt up with a hat on the 3rd

This year has been a year of style refining for me; I now own half of the clothes I did (two house moves means serious clear outs) but am twice as happy with all I have in my wardrobe.  I did this mainly by taking a look at someone of my favourite style icons and how they dressed; what they wore time and time again.  This led me to gain a serious style crush on Sara Strand.

Swedish blogger Sara has the kind of clean approach to fashion that I aim for.  With her simple style and classic pieces, she's really nailed the whole 'street style thing' with her camel coats, leathers and statement bits.  For me, the best signature items she wears are her hats. She's even got me into them, which I never ever thought would happen.

She just makes them look cool.  I love the way they almost frame her outfits (above are classic examples), so I put one on my Christmas list.  My favourite, and most price conscious (errr Rag and Bone, how do you get away with charging £400 for a hat?) one is from Whistles for £55.  It's got the whole AW14/SS14 military thing going on without being too trendy, if I'm lucky enough to own this I'll be wearing it for years... Check out Sara's blog, here.


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