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This blog has been somewhat of an education for my style, when I started (for anyone who didn't know) I worked in a corporate job and look like I'd been attacked by T M Lewin and Thomas Pink, collectively. I had absolutely zero clue how to dress myself and shopped for specific occasions, buying things I could only wear for certain types of events etc. Other than that I had jeans and jumpers (poorly chosen by your truly). So, two and half years in and I've learnt quite a bit and try and pass it on. One thing I try to preach is buying things are are honestly worth it...

Upon starting the blog I soon spotted a theme of coloured jumpers, oversize shirt dresses and blazers. Having done a little bit of research I realised they were all by the same Scandinavian brand, Acne. At first I couldn't get past the name and thought it was all ridiculous, but then I found a velvet tuxedo blazer in a sample sale and fell in love with it. I soon realised the reason for owning pieces like this, they justify the price in their fit. Plus it instantly gives you some kudos when you walk into Fashion Week for the first time with all the other girls - no matter what anyone says, it is daunting the first time and you are 110% judged on what you wear (by idiots, but none the less it's nice to feel like you fit in).

One of my favourite bloggers, Charlotte, in her Acne best

Acne is expensive, but look around and you can find great pieces in stores (all of mine has come from sales, online stores, sample sales and clearances) - notably The Outnet has a special sale on at the moment, as per my edit below. They've included all of the above, not forgetting some of Acne's classic puff ball sleeve tops, dollar bill prints and unusually cut dresses.

The waffle knit jumpers are textbook favourite for fashion editors and VIPs alike.  The blazers, particularly the denim linen style is a must-have too (I'm smug, I found mine on Vestiaire a couple of months ago for £100) but The OutNet has a few goodies including this classic black tuxedo for £187. For good measure they've also included Miroslava Duma's jacket, and this metallic one below! All in all, a very good sale indeed...


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