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A few months ago I did a piece on the (at the time) upcoming trend for pink coats. I'd like to give myself (if I may) a pat on the back, as if one outerwear trend was to reign supreme it would be this one. In particular, the Zara one, the M&S one (sold out in an hour online) and the (more pricey but more beautiful) Malene Birger one.  Bloggers Ivana and Camille both donned theirs at London Fashion Week, and unsurprisingly they were snapped like there is no tomorrow whilst going show to show...

pictures via Pinterest and Michelle Bobb Parris (wearing the Malene Birger pink coat)

My lust for the trend started with the Carven one; when it walked itself down the runway I dribbled like a teething baby (extremely attractive for all around me at the time). Having had more of a look around, here are some other options to get the look:

I tried to pick ones that have been less promoted in the press, as you stand more of a chance of buying them - they seem to be flying off the shelves.  Pink wasn't a colour I ever saw myself loving but it looks amazing with blue denim (which I live in) and whites and creams. Plus, there is nothing more snuggly than a big, warm coat for winter.

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Anonymous said...

Ah I keep on coming across amazing pink coats!
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