[Craving] Hobbs Maida Vale Dress

Ever so often you see something in store that you know you're just going to have to find a way to buy.  For me, this season it's the Hobbs' Maida Vale dress.  So many reasons but to name a couple; it looks so much like the Valentino dress everyone from Victoria Beckham to Mrs Mark Zuckerberg wore last year that I lusted over, and it's called the Maida Vale dress (the part of town I lived in for 3 years and spent a huge amount of fond time with Dearne who has now gone home to Australia).

 Valentino's SS12 dress / Hobbs Maida Vale Dress, £299

Hobbs have knocked it out of the park for AW13, I stopped by their Kings Road store at the weekend and couldn't quite believe my eyes.  Either I am getting older, or they are getting younger.  Regardless I could happily live in only their collection this season.  I quite literally cannot get over how much I love this dress... Just need to find an occasion to need to wear it now...

NB - If you are in the London area and fancy winning this dress and £3,000 to spend on their new collection, Hobbs Covent Garden opens tomorrow. Here are directions - and there is champagne too, good way to start the weekend!


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness this dress is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I know, right?! Hobbs has some amazing pieces right now and even the coats last AW were amazing. But maybe office wear becomes more appealing in general? Would love to spend all that money on Hobbs alone, but sadly am not in London until late next month.

thankfifi said...

did you see the watermelon coat - that's on my hit list!

p.s. surely we can't both be getting old? Hobbs MUST be getting younger

Ruby Sterland said...

Hobb's always have great pieces, and this dress is gorgeous! x

Kelly said...

I agree, this dress is gorgeous!

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