[Trend] Jump Around!

It's not exactly a revelation when I say that jumpsuits are pretty big these days.  I would say one in ten girls I walk past is in one, be it a shorts-style or a trouser.  It's taken me a while to get my head around it all, but I was recently given this ASOS pair (post to come, have been so busy I haven't been near a camera in daylight hours) and it's started a new obsession.

images via Pinterest

In total honesty my main issue with them was, how do you go to the loo in one?  I had this dreadful vision of me having one too many G&Ts and having an absolute disaster.  Secondly, I didn't think they would suit my shape.  Having tried a million of them on now, I can now safely say there is one for all.  I bought this black ASOS one last week and it is the ultimate piece of comfort clothing...  I wore it last weekend and felt like I was being hugged all day. Super soft and just pretty much amazing.

So if you're on the fence about the style, give it a go - I've picked out my favourites above to try and help you choose! I'm a little obsessed with the River Island and the Sophie Hulme ones... Actually, all of them. Gah Pay Day may as well have been 4 weeks ago judging on how broke I'm going to be by tomorrow...

images via Pinterest


Sarah said...

Adore the River Island one!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this,
I'm definitely not got the figure to pull jump suits off but I think they look SOOO good.

Kelly ||

Unknown said...

very inspirational!

thankfifi said...

I love me a jumpsuit! You will never look back.x


Unknown said...

I don't own any jumpsuit but these look really nice! I especially love the River Island black one xx


Rakel said...

love this trend! ^^

Unknown said...

The blue one is pretty.

Miss K said...

lovely picks! my fav would be the Malene Birger.. lovely blog you have here :)

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