[Outfit] Sunday sadness in Sneakers

Apologies for the bleak title, but last Sunday was a tough one for me.  I've often said that the nicest surprise about starting a blog was the people I've met as a result of it.  Two of those people and I have made a happy little '3' for the last 2 years.  Myself, Briony and Dearne have enjoyed many a 6-hour-lunch nattering the world away (followed by photo shoots in busy streets for what I can only assume is done entirely to make me feel embarrassed).  

We went to the Harvey Nichols OXO Tower for a lunch that couldn't have lasted long enough; De goes home to Australia soon and our little team is losing the core member.  At the end of the meal, we did our very last photo shoot together - where I wore my shiny, new Nike X Liberty free runs (awesome find by the boyfriend the day before), my Edina Ronay floral silk tee, trusty Gap chinos and my 'daft punk' Rayban 5000s (and the present-of-the-century, my new Anya Hindmarch tote). 

Back onto the important stuff: without the pair of them it's safe to say I'd have been really stuck at times. In the middle of a 'life crisis' last year I was carted off to Cambridge by De and fed cake and shown pretty colleges all day by Briony. They gave me some of the best advice I've ever had, which I seriously still stick to. Without Briony, I wouldn't have the appreciation for sparkles I now lust over (and on a more serious level I didn't know my bum from my elbow when it came to blogging until she came along). 

Without De, my blog would still be anonymous and I doubt I would even have my job; she's given me amazing confidence to pursue my career ambitions and have a little faith in myself.  I don't think I've ever really told her that, we had a very rushed 'don't-do-emotion-goodbye' at Waterloo station (tad romantic, eh?) on Sunday evening which subsequently ended in me sobbing on my own on the train home.  So if you're ever in doubt about trying something new, give it a go. You never really know what it will bring. For me, South Molton St Style brought me some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of calling friends. 

Miss you already, De. xxxx


A Girl, A Style said...

I really shouldn't have read this straight away, because I'm now sobbing at my desk (thereby blowing any air of 'serious political advisor).

I am so thankful for the wonderful people my blog has brought into my life, and I now can't imagine my life without the two of you in it! Thank you so much for being such a good friend :)

P.S. You are a total babe here (as always)

Briony xx

thankfifi said...

aw that's super sad :( the sneakers are awesome though... the only great thing about friends moving away is going to visit them!


thankfifi said...

p.s. I will be very happy to embarrass you with busy street photoshoots the next time I'm down

Anonymous said...

Is the AH bag available to buy?

Really hard when great friends move away x

My Scandinavian Home said...

Lucky you three for having each other, and for inspiring each other so much, that's what real friends are for - helping each other making the most of ourselves (OK and putting each other in embarrassing situations..!). :)

Olivia said...

What a touching post! You'll simply have to schedule in regular trips to Australia - there's nothing else for it. :)

Valerie said...

love the liberty print sneakers.

Amelia said...

Aww Anna! You're adorable, this made me sad. BUT the good news is that with the internet, she'll only be a skype call or text message away. Plus... holiday in Oz!
Blogging is a great thing, not only because it encourages us to be creative but it also connects us! And I love that. Also: DEM TRAINERS OMG.
Can we have that drink we're always talking about?
Amelia xxx Wolf.Moon.Sister

P.s. just read your other post - your arms are GORGEOUS you silly goose.

Andrea said...

Oh no, it's always very sad when loved ones move away! I've been through that too. These days you'll at least have the possibility to stay connected through phone and the internet, though. There's always a silver lining somewhere.
(Eventhough I know this doesn't really minimize the pain right now.)
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

Emma said...

It's always sad to lose someone so close when they move away! My best friend recently moved to Canada, and skype just isn't the same as the real thing :(

But you'll have an excuse to go to Oz, no?

Hmm maybe...

Monica Beatrice said...

Aw Anna this is such a sweet heartfelt post! I am sure the girls will be really touched. You look gorgeous in this outfit - totally love the sassy sports look on you.

Big hugs.


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