[Craving] The Whistles Corrine Dress

Ever have that moment where you realise you made a fatal mistake not buying something? Welcome to my Wednesday. It's no secret that I am mildly obsessed with Whistles, I would say about 50% of my wardrobe is from them.  Their shoes are comfortable and practical, their clothing suits my shape and more to the point - the collection ooze vibes from the runways of my favourite luxury designers.  I spent a good 20 minutes 'oohing' and 'ahhing' over their new collection when I was visiting friends in Marlow over the weekend...

images from Whistles' new collection
Anyone after a bit of Phillip Lim / Carven / Celine this season for a reasonable price should get down to their nearest store as it is crazy-awesome. Back onto the subject of the post; I spotted the Rebecca dress very early on into last season and promised myself I'd purchase it.  I didn't, and it's torn at my heart strings ever since as tracking one down in my size is near on impossible.

The structure of the bust area is unreal considering it's high street and reminds me a lot of the Alexander Wang SS13 shape that everyone tried out on the red carpet this year (and then Alex wore it to the Fashion Monitor awards - that sealed the deal on my mistake at not buying it). But more practical and subtle and generally wearable for Mrs Bloggs (thats me).

Jourdan Dunn in Alexander Wang / Whistles AW13 Corrine Dress 

But in answer to my prayers, Whistles has created the Corrine dress this season (above). A maxi version of the Rebecca and just a wee bit better in my opinion.  The border-line-sportsluxe-come-halterneck-neckline is really flattering, I've bought quite a few bits with this shape. It hides that bit of chubby most girls have under their arms (what is that called?) and focuses on your slimmer collar bone and shoulders (well, have you ever seen anyone with fat shoulders? thought not), and it's a maxi so when it gets colder we don't have to worry about sorting our legs out for the sake of one evening... Winner. Buy it. 


Sarah said...

That jumper is heavenly!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love Whistles too - will have to check out this dress!

SWfashion said...
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SWfashion said...

Thinking I should refrain from viewing your blog as it's making me VERY depressed about my wardrobe. I love this dress (and everything from Whistles!) xx

Amy said...

I love that white dress!


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