[Craving] Mango AW13's pinstripe coat

Sorry to have been slightly absent, I took a few days to go back over to Majorca with a friend and then dived head first back into work... Just a quick one to mention an absolutely brilliant high street version of a designer look...

Pinstripes are back, like it or lump it.  For me, only Stella McCartney's take on the look interested me. I was over at Harvey Nichols yesterday and they had a few pieces, but it was only last night that I picked up on Mango's incredible version here.

The Stella one is over at Net A Porter for £1400 (if any of you do have that kind of disposable income free then do buy it, it's a beauty) but for anyone with a more common level of finance the Mango one is a super duper £99. You can pre-order it here, and I suggest you do as it will fly off the shelves.

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Anonymous said...

Oh MY. You have totally found a bargain - ordered!

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