[Craving] DVF Red Swing Dress at The OutNet

The Outnet's weekly designer sales are a Tuesday morning fixture in my diary.  Each week at 10am they release their 'special of the week'' and this week it's a super good one, Diane Von Furstenberg.  Although her wrap dress is what she is best known for, I can't help but lust over this red dropped hem dress.  I've wanted one ever since I saw Krystal (probably my favourite US blogger) last year in a Topshop version (post here) which is long sold out.

Krystal in her Topshop Dress (similar DVF one here)

For just over £200, I now have the perfect little red dress - and one that will last me for years. Swing dresses are perfect for my shape as they flick out where I do anyway, which actually ends up making me look smaller (I don't know why, it just does). I've also recently realised my arms aren't awful so have started braving sleeveless dresses.  In fact, quite a few of my planned outfit posts all have my arms out - this would never have happened a year ago... Moving on, here are my other favourite picks from this week's The Outnet special (including their Current Elliott collaboration and her amazing leather pieces):



Ruby Sterland said...

Such a pretty dress! x


Fashionmumof40 said...

Oh I do love DVF and one of my favourite colours is red so a perfect combination, look forward to seeing you wear it! Xx

thankfifi said...

those shorts are on my most wanted list too! and I think you might like the dress I just shot for my Friday post... although it yellow, not red :)


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