[Competition] A little bit of beauty by Birchbox

Some of you may have noticed that I've recently become more of a beauty fiend, as my Instagram will show you... A former 'face wipes will suffice' girl, it's been a major change in my life.  All stemming from the hard work of one brand; Birchbox.  A monthly beauty box that arrives at your desk, with sample size products inside. The packaging alone is enough to make it worthwhile. You will probably have seen I have snapped the hell out of one of the nail viarnishes in their June box, that coral pink shade from Color Club goes with everything at the moment and never fails to get a comment.

The concept is incredibly 'holiday friendly' as all of the items in the box (which come with a pouch inside) are small enough for hand luggage - great news for all of us budget-airline-babes.  When I went over to Majorca the Coola suncream sample was an absolute dream, so much so I've bought a full size one for my trip next month. Which leads me neatly on to the genius of the site: They are the first to properly 'connect the dots' between their sample boxes and shopping - everything you get in your box you can buy on their site.  Why nobody else really does this I don't understand.

shade of the summer: Coral Pink by Coral Club (glowing in the dark at the Armani party, and drinks at Shoreditch House a few weeks ago)

So on South Molton St Style I'm going to be making a conscious attempt to care more about my beauty regime.  Recently I found some grey hairs (freaked out, cried - the whole shebang), and as my 29+1 isn't all that away I've started to notice my skin needs more work than it used to.  I'm going to brave tutorials with my new regime, may even try out a video if I can bribe encourage Ben to hold the camera still for long enough (and not laugh).

my Birchbox shopping (so far)

In the meantime, the lovely Birchbox team have given me 5 boxes to give away to 5 lucky people.  All you have to do is follow both me and Birchbox UK on Twitter and tell us why you think you need your monthly beauty box, using the quote below:

"I'd like to win a @BirchboxUK box from @annaelerihart's blog so I can use it to...'

Best of luck, and let me know how you get on with the boxes or if you know of any fab products available on their site as I'm all ears as to what to try! Winners will be picked at random by the Birchbox team next week!


Natalie said...

I've just bought the nail varnishes after seeing them on your instagram, LOVE THEM

Jojo said...

I'd like to win a @BirchboxUK box from @annaelerihart's blog so I can use it to try out new products that I wouldn't normally treat myself to. After all, everyone needs a delicious box of goodies delivered to their door monthly.

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