[Craving] Mango AW13's pinstripe coat

Sorry to have been slightly absent, I took a few days to go back over to Majorca with a friend and then dived head first back into work... Just a quick one to mention an absolutely brilliant high street version of a designer look...

Pinstripes are back, like it or lump it.  For me, only Stella McCartney's take on the look interested me. I was over at Harvey Nichols yesterday and they had a few pieces, but it was only last night that I picked up on Mango's incredible version here.

The Stella one is over at Net A Porter for £1400 (if any of you do have that kind of disposable income free then do buy it, it's a beauty) but for anyone with a more common level of finance the Mango one is a super duper £99. You can pre-order it here, and I suggest you do as it will fly off the shelves.

[Outfit] Blazing Around in Blue

Acne Chambray Blazer, £110 @ Vestiaire Collective (other ones here and here) / ASOS white body, now £6 / Zara skirt / Whistles shoes, now £60

I'd been on the hunt for a denim blazer for months - my friends were all on strict orders to inform me the minute they found one.  I hunted everywhere but just couldn't track one down bar an insanely expensive Balmain one, but I wasn't prepared to live in bean-sprouts for 6 months in order to own it. So when my friend in the office found one on our own site, I leaped out of my seat to purchase it.  It actually turned out to be the same blazer as the one from the photo (below) that sparked the crush in the first place. For just over £100 I am now the owner of a gorgeous Acne piece. Winning.

the photos that started the Acne denim blazer crush (via Pinterest)

So making the most of the fact it's vaguely light enough in the evenings for photos, I bribed Ben with the promise of making dinner and washing up in return for him taking some pictures. The hardest part is getting Lopez out of the way, he's a total princess so apologies for him featuring so much.

Acne Chambray Blazer, £110 @ Vestiaire Collective (other ones here and here) / ASOS white body, now £6 / Zara skirt / Whistles shoes, now £60

The skirt was a Zara purchase last year, and the shoes are new in from the Whistles sale (better shot of them from my Instagram here). They're super comfortable and the only pair of heels I can wear for 24 hours and not get pain from, very impressed.  The vest is actually a body from ASOS - the only things I can find that actually fit your shape. When you wear something as oversize as this blazer you really need something super fitted with it, and for £12 (they're actually £6 at the moment) you can't get any better. Buy one here. Over and out :)



[Craving] The Whistles Corrine Dress

Ever have that moment where you realise you made a fatal mistake not buying something? Welcome to my Wednesday. It's no secret that I am mildly obsessed with Whistles, I would say about 50% of my wardrobe is from them.  Their shoes are comfortable and practical, their clothing suits my shape and more to the point - the collection ooze vibes from the runways of my favourite luxury designers.  I spent a good 20 minutes 'oohing' and 'ahhing' over their new collection when I was visiting friends in Marlow over the weekend...

images from Whistles' new collection
Anyone after a bit of Phillip Lim / Carven / Celine this season for a reasonable price should get down to their nearest store as it is crazy-awesome. Back onto the subject of the post; I spotted the Rebecca dress very early on into last season and promised myself I'd purchase it.  I didn't, and it's torn at my heart strings ever since as tracking one down in my size is near on impossible.

The structure of the bust area is unreal considering it's high street and reminds me a lot of the Alexander Wang SS13 shape that everyone tried out on the red carpet this year (and then Alex wore it to the Fashion Monitor awards - that sealed the deal on my mistake at not buying it). But more practical and subtle and generally wearable for Mrs Bloggs (thats me).

Jourdan Dunn in Alexander Wang / Whistles AW13 Corrine Dress 

But in answer to my prayers, Whistles has created the Corrine dress this season (above). A maxi version of the Rebecca and just a wee bit better in my opinion.  The border-line-sportsluxe-come-halterneck-neckline is really flattering, I've bought quite a few bits with this shape. It hides that bit of chubby most girls have under their arms (what is that called?) and focuses on your slimmer collar bone and shoulders (well, have you ever seen anyone with fat shoulders? thought not), and it's a maxi so when it gets colder we don't have to worry about sorting our legs out for the sake of one evening... Winner. Buy it. 


[Outfit] Rum and Fun in Florals

Zara dress, old, similar ones from Jaeger here and here / ASOS heels, £40 / ASOS Belt, £6

As you know, we recently moved house (again) in Battersea and I'm absolutely loving it. We are right by the park, the river, the best pub in the world and spend a huge amount of time either at Doodle Bar with the cool art colleges kids or down the road at Melanzana who make the best pizza I have ever, ever, ever tasted.  We were due a housewarming so when Malibu got in touch to ask if I'd like a few bottles to try out making some cocktails I couldn't really say no! I'd recently been to their Malibutique event with ASOS and tasted (all) the cocktails flying around and knew they were good.

Malibu is the spirit that I first drank, and I was initially hesitant about how much I'd like it again but when my cocktail making kit arrived I got very excited and picked out two cocktails for me to master (a sweet and fruity one for the girls, and a stronger one for the boys).  Both went down an absolute treat and we are all Malibu fanatics again (once we'd nursed our heads the next day) which is a good job as I still have a few bottles left!

For anyone who wants some tips on how to make amazing cocktails, we found the best combination was: 2 shots of Malibu, 1 shot of blackberry vodka, lime juice and tonic. Amazing. Sweet enough, sour enough, strong enough, I could go on... Basically, buy some Malibu and try it!

Zara dress, old, similar ones from Jaeger here and hereASOS heels, £40 / ASOS Belt, £6

I had planned to wear an outfit ASOS kindly gave me for the party, but it was so hot I changed at the last minute into this Zara floral dress  a trusty staple I've had for a couple of year (found a similar one with cupped sleeves at Jaeger here, and one with a similar shape here).  The ASOS outfit will have to wait for another post, I've been wearing the dungarees to death. My heels are ASOS too, a little higher than I usually go for but super comfortable and perfect summer shoe for anyone (like me) who doesn't like fussy, strappy sandals. 

Zara dress, old, similar ones from Jaeger here and here / ASOS heels, £40 / ASOS Belt, £6


[Outfit] Sunday sadness in Sneakers

Apologies for the bleak title, but last Sunday was a tough one for me.  I've often said that the nicest surprise about starting a blog was the people I've met as a result of it.  Two of those people and I have made a happy little '3' for the last 2 years.  Myself, Briony and Dearne have enjoyed many a 6-hour-lunch nattering the world away (followed by photo shoots in busy streets for what I can only assume is done entirely to make me feel embarrassed).  

We went to the Harvey Nichols OXO Tower for a lunch that couldn't have lasted long enough; De goes home to Australia soon and our little team is losing the core member.  At the end of the meal, we did our very last photo shoot together - where I wore my shiny, new Nike X Liberty free runs (awesome find by the boyfriend the day before), my Edina Ronay floral silk tee, trusty Gap chinos and my 'daft punk' Rayban 5000s (and the present-of-the-century, my new Anya Hindmarch tote). 

Back onto the important stuff: without the pair of them it's safe to say I'd have been really stuck at times. In the middle of a 'life crisis' last year I was carted off to Cambridge by De and fed cake and shown pretty colleges all day by Briony. They gave me some of the best advice I've ever had, which I seriously still stick to. Without Briony, I wouldn't have the appreciation for sparkles I now lust over (and on a more serious level I didn't know my bum from my elbow when it came to blogging until she came along). 

Without De, my blog would still be anonymous and I doubt I would even have my job; she's given me amazing confidence to pursue my career ambitions and have a little faith in myself.  I don't think I've ever really told her that, we had a very rushed 'don't-do-emotion-goodbye' at Waterloo station (tad romantic, eh?) on Sunday evening which subsequently ended in me sobbing on my own on the train home.  So if you're ever in doubt about trying something new, give it a go. You never really know what it will bring. For me, South Molton St Style brought me some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of calling friends. 

Miss you already, De. xxxx


[Craving] DVF Red Swing Dress at The OutNet

The Outnet's weekly designer sales are a Tuesday morning fixture in my diary.  Each week at 10am they release their 'special of the week'' and this week it's a super good one, Diane Von Furstenberg.  Although her wrap dress is what she is best known for, I can't help but lust over this red dropped hem dress.  I've wanted one ever since I saw Krystal (probably my favourite US blogger) last year in a Topshop version (post here) which is long sold out.

Krystal in her Topshop Dress (similar DVF one here)

For just over £200, I now have the perfect little red dress - and one that will last me for years. Swing dresses are perfect for my shape as they flick out where I do anyway, which actually ends up making me look smaller (I don't know why, it just does). I've also recently realised my arms aren't awful so have started braving sleeveless dresses.  In fact, quite a few of my planned outfit posts all have my arms out - this would never have happened a year ago... Moving on, here are my other favourite picks from this week's The Outnet special (including their Current Elliott collaboration and her amazing leather pieces):



[Trend] Jump Around!

It's not exactly a revelation when I say that jumpsuits are pretty big these days.  I would say one in ten girls I walk past is in one, be it a shorts-style or a trouser.  It's taken me a while to get my head around it all, but I was recently given this ASOS pair (post to come, have been so busy I haven't been near a camera in daylight hours) and it's started a new obsession.

images via Pinterest

In total honesty my main issue with them was, how do you go to the loo in one?  I had this dreadful vision of me having one too many G&Ts and having an absolute disaster.  Secondly, I didn't think they would suit my shape.  Having tried a million of them on now, I can now safely say there is one for all.  I bought this black ASOS one last week and it is the ultimate piece of comfort clothing...  I wore it last weekend and felt like I was being hugged all day. Super soft and just pretty much amazing.

So if you're on the fence about the style, give it a go - I've picked out my favourites above to try and help you choose! I'm a little obsessed with the River Island and the Sophie Hulme ones... Actually, all of them. Gah Pay Day may as well have been 4 weeks ago judging on how broke I'm going to be by tomorrow...

images via Pinterest


[Competition] A little bit of beauty by Birchbox

Some of you may have noticed that I've recently become more of a beauty fiend, as my Instagram will show you... A former 'face wipes will suffice' girl, it's been a major change in my life.  All stemming from the hard work of one brand; Birchbox.  A monthly beauty box that arrives at your desk, with sample size products inside. The packaging alone is enough to make it worthwhile. You will probably have seen I have snapped the hell out of one of the nail viarnishes in their June box, that coral pink shade from Color Club goes with everything at the moment and never fails to get a comment.

The concept is incredibly 'holiday friendly' as all of the items in the box (which come with a pouch inside) are small enough for hand luggage - great news for all of us budget-airline-babes.  When I went over to Majorca the Coola suncream sample was an absolute dream, so much so I've bought a full size one for my trip next month. Which leads me neatly on to the genius of the site: They are the first to properly 'connect the dots' between their sample boxes and shopping - everything you get in your box you can buy on their site.  Why nobody else really does this I don't understand.

shade of the summer: Coral Pink by Coral Club (glowing in the dark at the Armani party, and drinks at Shoreditch House a few weeks ago)

So on South Molton St Style I'm going to be making a conscious attempt to care more about my beauty regime.  Recently I found some grey hairs (freaked out, cried - the whole shebang), and as my 29+1 isn't all that away I've started to notice my skin needs more work than it used to.  I'm going to brave tutorials with my new regime, may even try out a video if I can bribe encourage Ben to hold the camera still for long enough (and not laugh).

my Birchbox shopping (so far)

In the meantime, the lovely Birchbox team have given me 5 boxes to give away to 5 lucky people.  All you have to do is follow both me and Birchbox UK on Twitter and tell us why you think you need your monthly beauty box, using the quote below:

"I'd like to win a @BirchboxUK box from @annaelerihart's blog so I can use it to...'

Best of luck, and let me know how you get on with the boxes or if you know of any fab products available on their site as I'm all ears as to what to try! Winners will be picked at random by the Birchbox team next week!
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