[Outfit] Through the Mirrored Lenses

It's been a busy old few weeks in our house for the last few weeks, but I finally found some time to catch up properly with some blog photos on Sunday evening.  First time I've left the boy near the camera, and delighted to have our own garden again to spare me the trauma of having to stand and pose in the street (it will never come naturally to me).  Despite the fact I was constantly wrestling to get centre stage with Lopez, for a first time it went pretty well...

I'm wearing some of my favourite buys of the year; my Zara white tuxedo blazer has been worn to death since I bought it in March.  The Kenzo tee was something I'd been after for months, I set up an alert on the site at work and as soon as it arrived it was mine. I hadn't seen the colour before so was thrilled when it arrived.

The jeans are my first venture into the world of boyfriend jeans. Having seen Alex's high street jeans challenge a few months ago I decided to give these ASOS Saxbys a try.  At £35 you really cannot go wrong, they're amazing.  If you do buy them, buy your size (not a size bigger as sometimes recommended for the style) as they do stretch. 

Not to forget the shoes, an absolute steal in the Whistles sale - these Slammer sandals are pretty much the only heels I can wear all day and not feel like my toes are going to fall off. Extremely easy to walk it too.  They're flaming hard to track down these days, but I have just found a new batch over at ASOS for £100 - bargain!

Last but by NO means least are my new Rayban 5000 sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop, without a doubt my favourite new thing for the year so far... I wanted a pair of mirrored lenses ever since Charlotte started wearing them, but was a little apprehensive.  Subtle they are not, but awesome they are. I get so many compliments on them.

Sunglasses Shop are giving away a pair of them (mega yay) to a lucky South Molton St Style reader - simply follow South Molton St Style and Sunglasses Shop on Facebook and post 'I'd like to win a pair of Raybans from South Molton St Style' on their page. Easy!  Entries close on Sunday the 14th of July.

Shop the look!



Olivia said...

I know exactly what you mean about street posing! I don't know how people do it - it never fails to be a horrifying experience. :)
I had noticed your Whistles shoes on Instagram before, they're so perfect - you wear them brilliantly. Olivia x


Unknown said...

loving the blazer, baggy jeans, heels combo, what a winner!
"Bumble’s Blog"

Unknown said...

you always look gorgeous! :) xx


The Style Rawr said...

Such a chic, casual look! I don't really take many street photos either but that's just because it's too crowded here. ;) In love with those sandals.

Tara xo

Anonymous said...

After checking your blog today it reminded me about how much I love these shoes and low and behold I googled the shoes, looked them up on ASOS and bought the last pair! Happy days :)

Karis Bonheur said...

Great Jeans, you wear them well.

Please check out my new blog and first post (if you have the time), Karis xo


samantha.tedesco said...

Done!!! *_*
Samantha Tedesco

A Girl, A Style said...

You look GORGEOUS here Anna! I love this whole look on you, and you totally own those boyfriend jeans and mirrored sunnies (I forgot to tell you the other day how great they looked on you).

P.S. Hi Lopez!

Briony xx


Adora Mehitabel said...

Love the shoes!

Style Servings said...

Those sandals are absolutely fabulous!!

Treasuresnpleasures said...

Those shoes are stunning!! Love the sunglasses too, just about to buy a pair of classic aviators but may have to get a look at these ones now.

PoppysStyle said...

I love the Saxby jeans too! They are my favorite boyfriend jeans. I have the classic mirrored aviators and always feel a bit overdone in them but they are really comfy and polarized so I can wear them all day if needed;)

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