[Trend] Breaking Out In A Sweat

photo by Jessie Bush / Homies orange sweat via Pinterest

Ever since I spotted a street style image for a feature on Vestiaire (here), I've been all over finding the perfect grey logo sweater.  Everyone seems to be wearing Brian Lichtenberg's Homies sweaters (like the one above), and names like Zoe Karssen have brilliant options. But, at the weekend I had a lovely brunch with Lucy and Dearne, and after 3 hours of catching up we wondered back through Notting Hill and past the Whistles store.  It was there I spotted the Feminin sweater, which for £65 is an absolute bargain compared to other choices.  

I also love this Brian Lichtenberg sweater, which is a Celine style thing with Feline written on instead. Genius.  Almost as good as Urban Outfitters 'Celine, Dion' sweater here.  In a nutshell, I'm struggling to know which one to buy.  Now that the sun is out (totally confused my psyche, without complain about the grey weather I now feel I need grey clothes - go figure) there is less of a need, but lets face it in the UK a sweatshirt can be worn for four days of any given week.  Which one would you go for?


Sarah said...

I have the Whistles one and adore it!

Catherine Cruse said...

These are gorgeous, I think the Urban Outfitters one! xoxo

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Unknown said...

These jumpers are all the rage. I'd love to find a less expensive alternative too this autumn :)

Unknown said...

I have the Zoe Karsson batman one, which I love...but I really fancy the Whistles one, too.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how the whistles one fits? Do I need a size smaller/ bigger? Want to buy online.

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