[Outfit] Flattened Out for the Weekend

After the whole LFW spectacle a few weeks ago, I couldn't have been happier to relax in some casuals and nurse my poor feet this weekend.  Not say I didn't have a blast with my friends but I hardly ever wear heels and after 5 days my poor pieds were shattered.

So, ballet pumps it is for the foreseeable future.  That's hardly a bad thing though when I get to rest in these lovely Pretty Ballerina pumps.  The lovely team sent over a couple of pairs for me to recuperate in and they did the tricky nicely.  I wear ballet flats all the time, and love the PB collection - you really can replicate each and every trend with their vast selection; studs, prints, brights, blues and purples... 

My favourite pairs were these two; black and studded (above) and the red leopard print ones (below).  Both make enough of a statement on their own so I paired them up with some of my weekend classics; my Maje leather jacket, Benetton jeans (yup, still harping on about them - they reign in my thighs and make my bottom look mildly acceptable - whats not to love?!) and an old t shirt from Zara I was probably going to chuck out before I wore it in this outfit... 

I'm not quite ready to get rid of summer yet and am insisting on wearing sunnies at every given opportunity.  These sunglasses are by Ralph Lauren from the Sunglasses Shop - and I'm pleased to say we'll be running a cool little Rayban competition later in the year.  I've just picked them out and they are fantastic!  I'm still hanging on to whats left of my tan, Dove's daily moisturiser is helping me nicely.  

Back to the shoes!  After a weekend in them, my feet feel vaguely normal again.  I was lucky enough to have a pedicure at the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge on the last day of London Fashion Week - so now they look and feel wonderful.  Thanks to all - particularly the Pretty Ballerina team!

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[Craving] The Whistles Sale

Sometimes days just do not go your way, today is one of them.  Last night my boyfriend and I attempted to get to Spain for a long weekend, but between Easyjet's exceptional (read: horrendous) customer services and the French's decision to strike it just wasn't meant to be.  We managed to reschedule for next weekend, but the whole process took 6 hours and needless to say things got a little bit tense... Now it's extremely early and I can't get myself back to sleep... Today is going to be interesting.

As if they knew my plight, my favourite store Whistles went on sale today - the only thing that could possibly get me out of the foul/dangerous mood I was in (I apologise to anyone who saw me pre-coffee, I was a jerk).  Whistles and I have had a little thing going for a while now, ever since my dear friend Geneva and I used to wonder around their London stores and shop to our hearts' content (on that note, G is coming to stay with me next week and I AM SO EXCITED - it's been over 2 years since I last saw her and I literally cannot wait to see her little face).

Can't quite believe how bold their mark downs are - most are around 50%, and even on some of their seasonal best sellers.  I have the Slammer Sandals and they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned.  The denim jacquard top I'd beeTheir infamous leather jackets are on sale, I picked out the Brando but have a look at them all here... and their staples are all heavily reduced (Bretons, jeans, tees etc).  In a nutshell, it's an awesome sale - no beating around the bush, straight in with excellent discounting.  Above is my edit, but shop the whole sale here. Enjoy! 

[Trend] Breaking Out In A Sweat

photo by Jessie Bush / Homies orange sweat via Pinterest

Ever since I spotted a street style image for a feature on Vestiaire (here), I've been all over finding the perfect grey logo sweater.  Everyone seems to be wearing Brian Lichtenberg's Homies sweaters (like the one above), and names like Zoe Karssen have brilliant options. But, at the weekend I had a lovely brunch with Lucy and Dearne, and after 3 hours of catching up we wondered back through Notting Hill and past the Whistles store.  It was there I spotted the Feminin sweater, which for £65 is an absolute bargain compared to other choices.  

I also love this Brian Lichtenberg sweater, which is a Celine style thing with Feline written on instead. Genius.  Almost as good as Urban Outfitters 'Celine, Dion' sweater here.  In a nutshell, I'm struggling to know which one to buy.  Now that the sun is out (totally confused my psyche, without complain about the grey weather I now feel I need grey clothes - go figure) there is less of a need, but lets face it in the UK a sweatshirt can be worn for four days of any given week.  Which one would you go for?
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