[Craving] A Bit of Blue

It's no secret to anyone here that I love cobalt blue, so when I spotted Laura Robson in a gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg dress last week (here) I couldn't help but start putting the feelers out for getting my hands on my own one... After the week I've just had spending wise (maaaayyyyy have just bought a Burberry leather trench, or maybe not, depending on whether anyone who tells me off for spending money is reading) I need a high street alternative, and quick.

Laura is a little bit of a fashionista herself... in fact when we met she was in the middle of her Opening Ceremony shoot wearing none other than a cobalt blue dress (Stella McCartney from memory, and it looked amazing). Lopez and I were passing by in the street and the photographer asked if he could have a few shots with her, and so my little pooch ended up in the OC book with her. It was a proud dog-mother moment (pic below)...

Laura and Lopez's Opening Ceremony Annual photo

So, the hunt began - and I ran through the usual haunts to find one.  I thought Tibi or Topshop would come up trumps, but as seems to be happening rather too much at the moment it was Zara that produced the winning piece. Admittedly it's not quite as special as the DVF. but for £250 less it will certainly do...


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