[Trend] Celine / ASOS Patchwork Shirt

Remember this little gem from 2011?  It's Celine, and it's beautiful. I've been lusting after it for a long time, but at £700 it was a tad too expensive (!!). I love the idea of it, but as I already have a denim shirt it made little sense to buy another, particularly when I am on the house move from a wardrobe space lover's hell (so far, 8 bags to charity and a mammoth eBay purge). However, this week Sarah in the office spotted this little gem from ASOS and I couldn't resist, I'm going to store it in the office to save space!

Hope you all have lovely weekends, I'm recuperating after last weekend's LFW and quickly packing up the flat. I don't advice trying to move house, start a new job and squeeze in a fashion week into the same month. March cannot come soon enough...


Cagney & Lace said...

What a great look a like and at such a good, non-eye-watering price!

Best of luck with your move.


Unknown said...

Love the shirt, patchwork makes it a little different to the denim shirts everyone wears these days! Good luck with the move and your new job :) x

Style Search said...

love this style!

Unknown said...

I have a very similar one from Asos too, I bought it in Summer I think.


gaby said...

Really nice!!!



Great find...and much more reasonable, you're allowed to justify this one!


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