[Trend] Balenciaga's Ruffled Skirts

I'm not usually that bothered about red carpet fashion, dresses and ornate hair styles just aren't my thing and I'm not a fan of occasionwear (too fussy, too expensive and spends too long sitting unworn in your wardrobe in some weird 'if I own it for a long time it justifies the price I spent on it' manner). Saying that, ever so often the odd piece jumps out. This year its Balenciaga and their ruffled skirts, as worn by Amanda Seyfried for one of the gazillion global Les Mis premieres (yes really, they are still going).

Balenciaga Runway / Amanda Seyfriend in Balenciaga

Balenciaga isn't a name that usually gets me interested. I never understood the motorcycle bags and never will. For a start, why were they called motorcycle bags? Did you ever see anyone on a motorcycle with one? No. Their fashion is often a little bit much (saying that, aren't most Italian names?) for me and I can't ever really imagine myself in it (saying that I spied these shoes at work today which I am a teeny but in love with) But this dress, yes.

Zara Ruffle Dress / Geneva from A Pair and A Spare

Monochrome - tick. Flare bit that makes everything else look smaller - tick. Price - not so tick. Luckily, this style above by Zara is floating around for us mere mortals, and better still my ridiculously beautiful friend Geneva (I mean seriously, the girl eats food and everything and still looks like this. Shoot me now) from A Pair and A Spare has an amazing tutorial for the more patient of you to make your own... Personally her style gets my vote over the original - pair it with a tee and some heels. Sorted.

PS - Geneva has her own book (yay) and I think you should buy it here. FYI.


Cee said...

This post has me intrigued - you're the first person I've ever come across who dislikes the motorcycle bag! Balenciaga is one of the few Italian designers I really genuinely like, but I must admit my fondness is more for their historical collections than the current ones. This dress, however is an exception. Although I have no sewing or DIY skills whatever, I will investigate Geneva's tutorial, because I simply adore her version!

Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

How can I not love this?

X Jenny

Anonymous said...

Balenciaga is originally a Spanish design house.

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