[Outfit] Acne Is Good For You

Acne Blazer, £500 c/o mywardrobe / Topshop Dress, £38 / UNIQLO tights, £8 / McQ Shoes c/o Alexander McQueen

One thing I learnt last year was that London Fashion Week provides the two times in the year that you can wear stuff you usually wouldn't.  As you have probably gathered by now, I play it fairly safe with my clothes. Sometimes I wonder if my droning on about a capsule wardrobe is just a meek attempt at trying to validate how much I like wearing my jeans with a white tee and a black jacket... So I decided to step it up a notch this LFW...

Acne Blazer, £500 c/o mywardrobe / Topshop Dress, £38UNIQLO tights, £8 / McQ Shoes c/o Alexander McQueen

I shocked even myself with how much I love this Acne jacket - it's bold, it's beautiful and it's all thanks to the lovely girls at My Wardrobe.  I paired it up with my new Topshop denim dress, which I've been living in over the last few weeks. It'll be great for summer on its own, but for now I'm wearing it with jackets, silk shirts and high neck tees...

Acne Blazer, £500 c/o mywardrobe / Topshop Dress, £38 / UNIQLO tights, £8 / McQ Shoes c/o Alexander McQueen

I thought these McQ shoes were perfect with it - kept up a kind of all American sporty thing, no?  Considering the heel height they were extremely comfortable - and I only stumbled once walking over the cobbles at Somerset House (and it was a very good stumble too, someone screamed). The sunglasses were a gift from the Sunglasses Shop over the summer - I've always been a huge fan of Raybans and these are my favourite EVER. Any way, enough of my waffling - this weekend Lopez and I are moving house this weekend and we have LOTS to do before the big day! Have a good week!

Ooooh and as a final note, my tights are from UNIQLO - new surprise find. Warmest things I have ever worn, if like me you're struggling with the cold and want to wear skirts and dresses I firmly recommend buying a pair (here is the link).

Acne Blazer, £500 c/o mywardrobe / Topshop Dress, £38 / UNIQLO tights, £8 / McQ Shoes c/o Alexander McQueen


Unknown said...

Absolutely LOVE that blazer! xo

alison*elle said...

WOW, that Acne jacket is amazing. It looks great with this kind of sporty Americana themed outfit you've got going :)

xo, alison*elle

Elle Croft said...

What an incredible jacket! And really, if you're going to stumble in heels, there's no better way to do it than in McQueens, at LFW, eliciting a scream from a bystander. Brava!

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Love the ACNE blazer. Gorgeous red stripes.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

Freya said...

What is the name of these sunglasses? I looked on the Ray Ban website but could not find them, but would love to get them as I think they would be perfect for the summer!
Freya x

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