I'm sure any blogger will agree that the last couple of weeks have been absolutely manic.  What with all the fashion weeks (any ones missed have been on constant live stream in my flat/office), evening dos and trying to coordinate meeting friends who are in town for LFW - it's all been a little bit much. Unsurprisingly  as I have the immune system of a gnat (I'm guessing they aren't great), I picked up Cold From Hell along the way and sadly missed a morning with ALLSAINTS last week.

So over the weekend (between moving house, seeing some fantastic rugby and watching one of my best friend's car get towed) I popped into Selfridges to have a proper look at their current collection - and boy was I impressed. Before looking at it, I'd assumed the collection would be a little bit edgy for me... but I really, really loved it. Their team also sent me over a sneak peek at their SS13 pieces - which is equally as strong. As much as they've kept their signature leathers and sharp cuts, ALLSAINTS has gone all grown up.

As you'll know, I'm slightly obsessed with leather biker jackets and royal blue jeans - so those bits (above) stuck out for me.  There are a pair of biker boots (here) with my name on too... In fact I've probably gone back and bought them by the time you are reading this - my willpower after Epic Ebay Selling Session has completely died, helped massively by the £600 made... Definitely recommend giving ALLSAINTS a visit - they're far more than their printed t shirt and grey days. Impressed.

*this is a sponsored post, all opinions my own. arranged by Handpicked Media


Geri Looker said...

Love love love!

Justpatience said...

you are so right they are in trend! i love this blog. Please chek mine out www.justpatienc.com thanks! c:

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