[Bought] My Sale Purchases (Oops)

I can't quite believe 2013 is here - and more importantly how quickly the holidays are over.  Saying that, Christmas was only last week but it feels more like a month ago.  I spent most of the time eating, but whenever I wasn't I was either browsing sales online or dragging some poor soul through Westfield. I found it a bit sad how early some stores went into sale, it's a bit of an indication how the market is at the moment. So to help them out a little bit I kindly donated all of my current funds to their tills. Here is some of what I bought:

First up was Reiss where I used the rest of the £500 voucher I won last year - which came very much in handy.  I bought the blue Lois coat I'd been craving for months for half price (now £73), a lovely bright green jumper for £66 and stocked up on basic Fiona tees which are reduced to £17. I also went to Whistles where I bought a pair of black jeans with leather side panels for £50 (they don't seem to be online) and this Josa tuxedo jacket which was reduced from £175 to £45.  Absolutely love it, especially the leather piping.

Other quick purchases included this lace tee from French Connection via House of Fraser at Westfield and a huge amount of Benefit products... Oops.... Actually, I missed something - I already bought a considerable amount of these and these from Marks and Spencer for myself a New Years Eve party. The resolutions include not doing this so much. Double oops...


Anonymous said...

What a kindly donor you are... ;-]

That coat is SO gorgeous!

Kate from Clear the Way

the workette said...

I like your picks!

xo Cassy

foodie said...

The colors are great together, lovely lovely coat!

x Sparks In Spring

Anonymous said...

I love Reiss, I too couldn't resist the sales.....will post my picks later!

TheOnlineStylist said...

Excellent choice of sale purchases...especially the Reiss coat and tee. Happy New Year Lovely! xx

Sarah said...

That coat is perfect!

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