[Craving] Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley's Current/Elliotts

Not a massive amount to say here: Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley was spotted out last week looking lush in a pair of rather lovely printed denims.  I tweeted out to everyone who would listen (sorry about that) in the hope of tracking them - a week later the lovely Erica Wright responded with the brand: Current/Elliott.

I absolutely love this company's range, I have a pair of their stiletto jeans which I blogged about here (they are the kind of things that when you've spotted one pair you realise everyone and their fashion dog owns them) which I was very to pick up in the Selfridges Christmas sale last year for £50 (winning). You can pick up Rosie's pair in navy navajo print for £190 from Net A Porter... Even though I'm not working at the moment and I'm incredibly poor, it's my birthday next week. I deserve them, right?


[Craving] Smythe Blazers

On the quest to hone in on the absolute essential wardrobe pieces it became clear to me how crucial a few good blazers are to be able to piece the perfect outfit together. When I looked at my favourite stylish ladies (Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo, Erin Wasson) I realised the piece that often brings the look together is a well fitted jacket - be it a bolero boucle or a sturdy navy-with-gold-buttons jobby.  For the latter, I stumbled upon Canadian brand Smythe a few months ago, as it is run by an old client's sister...

Blake Lively in Smythe White and Navy Blazer / Michelle Trachtenberg in Smythe

Traditionalists as I like to call them (ie: women who allow time to grow without massively changing their style, or allowing their taste to fade) such as HRH Kate and Gwyneth Paltrow have been fans for years - the brand is available in the UK at Matches, and their own online store here. Here are two pictures of Kate that show how navy blazers (incidentally from Smythe) can be used to dress up and dress down:

Their coats and jackets are literally the most gorgeous things ever - and very warm (I hear Canada gets pretty damn cold which may explain the need for tweed). They also have a fab range of weekend casual/just damn cool clothes too - but for now, I'm honing in on the blazers. Smythe have it all nailed - from the classic Little Black Jacket, to the herringbone classic, to the white tuxedo. Frig-me, I love it all...

Smythe have absolutely every jacket you could ever wish for - and I will be doing exactly that for the next few weeks with my birthday coming up.  I'm sorry to push such a pricey purchase under your nose right after pay day (just when you are feeling flush) but trust me, you cannot go wrong with one of these...

Kristin Cavalleri in Smythe Breton Jacket / Maria Menounos in Smythe Blazer

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[Loving] Mollie King's Classic Style

Lets be honest, there is a little part of all girls who which they were Mollie King.  She's in one of the most successful girl bands of the 2000s (The Saturdays), she's seen David Gandy naked and she's got legs that all of us want.  She's also one of few pop stars here in the UK who has managed to maintain a constant style, and not been dragged through wardrobe overhauls every time there is a new song to promote - respect. Generally, I love her little shift and tea dress (not sure where the bottom right is from but bottom left is French Connection) but there is far more to this girl's closet...

As you all know, I'm mildly obsessed with Breton shirts too... So Mollie's collection earns her serious brownie points in my book.  The tee on the bottom right is from Upper 5th and is available here for £50, not sure where the second one is from but looks very similar! My favourite remains to be this one from Petit Bateau.

Mollie is a huge fan of Reiss for tailored pieces and tees, below are some examples of her wearing the brand.  Their stuff will suit her shape really well, love Reiss for giving someone a good silhouette. Her jumpsuit is gorgeous, and although last season they have continued a similar one called the Artemis which is available here for £245. Her pleated trousers (below right) are also from the store...

As in the picture above, Mollie loves mixing simple white tees with smarter pieces or prints.  I absolutely love her Lipsy sequinned shorts that she was spotted in recently (available here for £50) - very surprised I like something from there too! Finally a girl after my own heart, here she is (bottom right) at fashion week in a very simple jumper and All Saints white jeans (available here from £75) ... Love her!


[Crush] Pippa Middleton in Stella McCartney Dress

When I started the blog, I was a little fixed on the Middleton sister's style - particularly Kate. But to be honest, since she's added the HRH to her name her style has become very predictable and a little dated. I had hoped she would test the boundaries of her new modern royal persona and not go down the twinset and pearls route, but she has (and her oh-my-god predictable styling is one of the saddest fashion trends of the this century). So, the mantle has been passed to younger sister, Pippa who is doing a mighty fine job.

Pippa Middleton in Stella McCartney AW12

Pippa's book launch yesterday in London sparked a frenzy here in the capital, and as much to do with her dress choices (all four of them) as her writing skills. I've read extracts from the book, and to be honest there is some good stuff in there. She well admits she is able to do this because of her sister's fame but lets not forget the mountain of party planning experience she has from her own hard work, running her parent's business Party Pieces. I've been reading the site's blog for a long time now and it's very good (check it out here) - although her tips like 'turkey is a fabulous choice for Christmas' and 'using some cheap caviar' are slightly interesting - but come on, we've all had to up the word count for the sake of it once in a while ...

the Middleton family minus Kate / Pippa

My favourite of her choices was the Stella McCartney dress above, that I've been spending a hell of a lot of time searching for today.  I've made no secret of my love for the Stella McCartney AW12 collection - it is so flattering and so easy to wear that every girl should be trying to get a piece of it (in fact I'd imagine they are, and the dress has probably sold out worldwide already). The most similar style I have found is at Net A Porter here

Well done Philippa, you nailed the look and have drastically upped the Middleton's style appeal - a mon avie. (read my other ode's to Stella's AW12 collection here).

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[Craving] Isabel Marant Rodeo Style Shirt

Isabel Marant seems to be one of those designers that has been known and admired to the fashion-inner-circle for years, but it's only in the last couple of seasons that the success has hit the general market.  Marant started the heeled trainer trend with the amazing Bobby shoe, and this season they have led the fort for the newly vamped Western/Cowboy look.

I'd love to buy the Marant one, but given that it is £560 I've been hunting down some more price conscious styles. I found this one above at Glamourous for £41.99. I've never ordered anything from this site before, but have heard very good things from friends. It's obviously not an identical match (at over £500 cheaper, it's to be expected!) but it's a gorgeous shirt. I need it, immediately.

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[Trend] Leopard Print Coats

I will always remember the week of the resort collections, I was pretty much depressed.  It was just after the long jubilee weekend we'd had - back to work with a bump, and the weather in London was enough to make even the strongest Londoner emigrate to somewhere sunnier.  I wore my Ugg boots and thermals for the first 10 days of June.  And then along came a little shining light in the form of Resort 2013.  An exaggeration of course - but it did make my lunch-breaks far more interesting.

I've got to be honest, the whole 'resort collection' thing massively confuses me - I've only just gotten my head around the SS12 lookbooks, magazines are dressing for AW12 - and then along comes this other stuff that fits in the middle - being a relatively new fashionista, it made my head spin.  Saying that, I loved every minute of it - the collection are so much 'cleaner' than the spring and autumn fashion weeks and the trends much more clear... Which leads on to my findings = you're going to need a leopard print coat this autumn.  Everyone is at it.

I first spotted this at Isabel Marant in February and thought there could be something there.  Whatever Marant does usually takes hold.  I promptly started a pinterest board in her honour (here).  I wasn't wrong - both Celine and Stella McCartney had leopard printed coat babies in their resort collection - both in the cocoon style I blogged about in February about being a 'key coat shape' for this year.

All my favourite icons have been spotted wearing furry spotty numbers (from Alt to Palermo) over the last couple of years; there was a Topshop style that sold out in seconds in 2011.  This is absolutely a trend I'm going to be getting into - I'm one of those strange people excited by cooler weather so I can start piling on the layers...

Here are some of the best ones I have found so far:


[Craving] Tatler's Thomas Pink Trench

Some of you may have spotted via Twitter that I had a slightly unusual Friday last week, as Lopez and the PetsPyjamas team hosted Tatler a little puppy shower to welcome their newest staff member, Alan the Dachshund (have a look at the pics here on the Tatler site if you missed it).  We had a great time, even though it all got a bit much for Lopester at one point and he was found trying to escape via the lift in Vogue House...

Me and the resident party animal / Lopez and doggy-mumma-to-be, Jenny

As a thank you for the endless cupcakes and puppy goodies, Tatler gave Lopez and I some weekend reading in the form of their November issue.  It has been a while since I've read the magazine and we thoroughly enjoyed spending my Saturday afternoon at home with my mummy browsing it with a lot of Earl Grey and a pack of Gravy Bones (for Lopez, honest).

This was where I spotted this (above).  An amazing trench coat.  I've harped on about it being an essential wardrobe piece for years, and I've blogged about them a LOT. Sorry. However, the inner snob in me thought a trench could come from one of two places, Burberry or Aquascutum.  Thomas Pink have proven me wrong with this little beaut.  You want it, you need it.  Etc.

Beyond gorgeous, and perfect for autumn dressing.  If you don't already own one, browse the trench coated street style spots like the above on my pinterest here - that'll teach you.  Over and out...

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[Outfit] Feeling Foxy for Autumn

It has been a manic few weeks here at the South Molton St Style camp.  Lopez and I have both had frantic schedules with a few exciting projects (will post them when they come up) and we've barely had time to chill out at home. Mixed with the appalling weather we've been having in London, outfit posts really haven't been happening at all. So, last weekend when we had 5 dry minutes in the garden I popped out to snap some of my newest clothes.

Say hello to my foxy little find from Hobbs.  I've been after a jumper with a fox on ever since the Mulberry AW12 show in February.  I spotted this one in Tatler and knew it had to be mine. It is unbelievably comfortable and soft and has a lovely gentle pattern - quite tame compared to some of the others I've seen on the high street. For £89 it's an absolute bargain.

My boots were bought in the sale last winter, I wore them to brunch with the blogger girls the other week, there is a better/closer picture of them here.  They have them at Bicester at the moment, and have a similar style in their AW12 collection in petrol blue here.

However the real hero in the outfit are my new jeans.  I'm a stickler for a good pair of denims, and when a friend recommended AG Jeans by a colleague I knew they had to be mine (as she looks blo**dy amazing in hers).  As if the Gods were listening, I got an email from their lovely team on the same day. Weird huh? Or fate. I picked out the Low Rise Legging Jean in black.  These photo do not do them justice, they are like silk on my skin.

Hopefully you can see a big difference in my hair (have a look here at my mop a few weeks ago).  It was verging on a crisis situation - my ends were completely split and no matter what I did it to it end up looking yellow rather than blonde.  It needed a drastic overhaul, and thats exactly what I got.  The lovely team at the Sassoon salon on South Molton Street took me under their wing and sorted me and my mess of a hair do out.

I wasn't just a haircut, it was an inspiration.  The team spent ages going through my hair type with me and why certain colours work in my hair and some don't.  After some persuasion I had 4 inches cut off and a new dead straight parting.  

I left with some amazing new shampoos and conditioners, and two weeks later my hair has never, ever felt better.  I will never be buying the cheapest shampoos on offer again, there really is value in buying more expensive premium products. I am using Sassoon's Rich Clean shampoo and Advanced Condition conditioner.  I genuinely recommend you to too, particularly if you have long hair like mine...  Keep an eye out on the blog for a very exciting competition with the Sassoon team...

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