[Craving] Maje Tribal Print Tee

How the HELL is it Friday already? Not that I am complaining, I'm off to Italy today - yay!  I'm taking a little blog-rest too for the first time in 18 months.  For the last 18 months I've blogged every single week, so it feels a bit strange...  But I think I need a wee break.  Fear not, I will polyvoring up some essentials posts whilst I am away - and have a plan for new posts when I am back.  Any way, here is my final post for a week...

Maje Tribal Tee, £110

Isn't it annoying when you spot something you'd like to have fitted in to a post you've already published?  Welcome to my 'today world.'  Last week, I did a post on how to replicate the Burberry tribal prints from AW12 and included a few pieces I'd found from ASOS, Marks and Spencer and Esprit.  But yesterday I found the ultimate winner...

Christopher Bailey and the Burberry SS12 runway models

The tee in question (above) is from Maje, which lots of you will already know (if you don't get to know it soon, it's fab).  Most of the collection is available at Net A Porter although the entire collection is best found instore at either their own shops (there is one in most of the Westfield shopping centres) or Selfridges.  This tee completely fits the Burberry look - sharp, tribal patterns mixed with bright colour... (very similar design to the coat on the far-left in the picture above).  I love it. 

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[Craving] Oasis Street Skirt and my new Illustrations

Anyone who follows me on Twitter, or regular readers  of South Molton St Style will have noticed the site has had a facelift.  I traced the owner of the blog header last week, her name is Lindsay (of faiiiint) and she very kindly made me some revamped headers, icons and images for the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and my email signature.  Absolutely delighted with the results, they are fab!  Nice to have a bit of colour on South Molton Street!

So you imagine my thrilled little face when I spotted that Oasis have created a range called Street Scene, with a very similar feel.  I can now literally wear my blog on my sleeve (and around my waist, my neck... you get the idea).  My favourites pieces are the skirt (£50.00 here) and the scarf (£20.00 here)

Thanks so much to Lindsay for her fab work - hope you are all having a good week! It's nearly Friday!

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[Trend] Black and White Polka Dots

Stella McCartney AW11 / Oscar De La Renta SS11

Last week I went to meet Becca at the Sisley press room, and was really impressed by their upcoming AW12 stuff.  Cannot wait for more of it to hit the stores so I can show you some of the stuff (have lots of piccies) but for the moment I'll tempt you with a great polka dot dress I spotted that fits in perfectly with this post... (and is a dead ringer for the Oscar De La Renta number above) - apologies for the pants photos, I am still a newbie to all things cameras.

Polka dots are never really not featured on the runways, but this year they've been more apparent than they have for a while...  And mainly in black and white coloured outfits. Thanks to that Stella McCartney bodycon dress, and Dolce and Gabbana twisting the look with their spotty stars, the high street has decided to go all dotty and make a big thing of the look for AW12.

In the same vein, I spotted these two gorgeous spotty somethings on one of the Marie Claire team at their Marie Claire Runway party at Home House on Tuesday night.  I love the circle print - twist on the polka dot theme.  Also, I think they are really, really well priced - TS is getting a bit expensive at the moment - especially as everything good seems to sneak into their Unique ranges rather than the general collections - but the trousers are £35 and the t shirt is £34.  You could buy them both and do the whole pajama print trend... or separates with block colour or black/white combos.  Either way, I love these pieces a LOT.

I'm really loving this look, also found some fab bits at Jaeger, Hobbs and ASOS.  Enjoy!

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[Craving] M&S Leopard Print Jeans

Hello all - hope you are having a good week!  You may remember that I blogged about needing a pair of Current Elliott stiletto jeans (have a peek here if you missed it).  I managed to pick up a goldy coloured pair in the sale at Selfridges, but I am still craving a coloured pair.  Imagine my delight when I walked past Marks and Spencer's window last week on Oxford Street and spied these lovely rouge wonders:

I absolutely love them, and for £35 you really cannot go wrong.  Printed jeans are so easy to wear, pair them up with your basic tees and shirts and the print instantly gives the whole look a certain, 'je ne sais quoi.'  I put up this pic of Miranda Kerr so you could get an idea of the kind of look I'm talking about.  I couldn't resist them, and they fit me and my lady lumps very, very well... Buy them here.

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[Gifted] Varley Belmont Bikini

One of my favourite things about blogging is finding a good new name and introducing people to it.  When a friend mentioned on Facebook that he knew of a launching beachwear line called Varley I had to check it out. And it's very, very good...

Varley hits the nail on the head when it comes to their approach to bikinis and swimwear - it's not so much how you look but how you feel when wearing their items.  For me, this is so right - I'm heading on holiday on Friday and already know I haven't been to the gym as much as I wanted to (to feel good about my holiday bod).  But, when my lovely gift from the Varley team arrived I couldn't have felt any more confident than I do in my new bikini (I chose the Belmont style).


With a very impressive design team, it is no surprise that it fits me well - but I couldn't quite believe that great I felt in it.  It holds me together in the right places, but isn't too clingy (or loose for that matter) any where.  I literally cannot wait to be by that Tuscan pool now!

Their whole 'look' is very 'California cool,' but with a little bit of 'je ne sais quoi' added into it - I love the subtleness of most of their range - lovely greens, navys and whites - with the odd statement colour thrown in for when you're a week into the tan and feeling like a golden goddess.  You can choose sizes individually for your top and bottom, which is an absolute life saver for me and those hips - and as you can see from the pictures they arrive in gorgeous packaging.

Their ranges start at £85.00, so filling the gap between insanely expensive designer pieces and high street swimwear that by day 3 of the holiday you're worried is either sagging or see through. I could go on about these guys for hours, it's probably best if you just check them out for yourself here.  I never thought I would ever say this, but I cannot wait to be in my bikini this weekend - thank you, Varley!

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[Essential] Breton Stripe Shirt

Of all my essential pieces, the Breton shirt is probably my favourite.  I've had one since I was about 5 years old - I can remember running up and down the beach with my Dad one summer, my sister was toddling about so the most I could have been is 7 or 8.  Good times.

It's probably the most versatile piece in my wardrobe, as I'm trying to show through these pictures.  I love mixing mine up with other patterns; like the picture of Lucy Laucht here with her printed skirt and leopard print pumps.  On the flip side I also love the effortless summer style combination of a loose Breton shirt and a pair of denim cut offs = genius.

Bretons are also great for weekend/festival chic = as Alexa Chung and Miranda Kerr prove in the pictures above.  I love pairing mine with coloured jeans and trousers, particularly shades of red and blue (I saw lots of these kind of outfits recently on the American bloggers' outfit posts for the 4th of July).  It also looks fab with other 'essentials' like the trench coat and the maxi skirt.

You can buy your breton in a number of styles, pretty much any where. A true Breton top is only striped in the middle section and is made from a sweater material (they were originally made for French fishermen at sea) although lots today are in t shirt/jersey fabric which is easier to wear.  I have two - one thicker material jumper from American Apparel here, and one simple tee from Petit Bateau here.

Where to buy your Breton:
Quba - lovely little British brand that I found recently, this Mimram sweater is a gorgeous wool Breton.
American Apparel - as just mentioned, this company have a great range of traditional styles in the blue and red stripe
Chinti and Parker - new name love! I discovered this last week and have completely fallen for all their stuff.  Net A Porter have a great selection, or visit the full site for the overall sale pieces.
Petit Bateau - where else than this fab French brand for a quintessentially French piece?  Their 'mariniere' range is fab - my favourite one is here.
Kain - big fan of this essential comfort brand, and their Breton is 60% off at Net A Porter at the moment!
Whistles - of course this brilliant store have such a good classic piece, love it too!

Check out these images and more on my Breton shirt pinterest board.


[Trend] Burberry Tribal Prints

Yesterday was one of the busiest days I have had in a while, and tonnes of fun!  First of all I was lucky enough to meet furry friends, Rufus and Heidi when I caught up with Pets Pyjamas.  Then I had a fab lunch with Claire of BoBelle (very excited about her new collection, trust me it's fab) and then I wondered happily/aimlessly around Soho - pottering into shops and generally collating blog inspiration.

I am absolutely loving having some time to really put thought into my blog posts - I'm sure any blogger will tell you that they have thousands of 'mental post its' in their head about ides for posts, and no time to write them... So this is becoming rather fun again...  

One of the looks I haven't really mentioned for spring/summer through to autumn/winter are the tribal prints that are knocking around.  By that I mean the strong, coloured, bold prints that the high street (and their slightly more upmarket sisters) are producing...  It all stems from the Burberry SS12 collection, which has been heavily blogged about for it's use of embellishments, but less for the print work - so I thought I would give it a go!

This look is easy to do as you don't need much of it AT all.  Buy one top, or one item which mimics the trend and leave it at that - if you can manage it!  It certainly is a mini-trend and will go out of fashion, so bear that in mind.  First up, is a name I don't mention much - Esprit!  I wondered past their store and this top (above) was in the window.  It matches the Burberry look completely and is only £29.00.

I also spotted these fab pieces from Marks and Spencer's Limited Collection.  This line of clothing is rapidly going up in my estimations - some of their stuff is just brilliant.  The skirt (£35.00) and the dress (£39.50) are really well priced, and the print is brilliant - completely on trend. Overall, what a bargain...

I know some of the prints can be really 'out there' but you can easily dumb them down by pairing them with the basic white tee (if you're wearing a tribal skirt) or a plain pair of trousers/jeans with a top.  I really love the whole-skirt-and-plain-top-thing, here are a couple of pics I have spotted on pinterest:

Lastly, I wanted to share a naughty purchase I made at a Buy My Wardrobe event in Notting Hill a couple of months ago.  These Clements Ribeiro shoes were only £50.00 and (in my opinion) fit the whole tribal/patterned trend to a tee.  It was the first of their events that I've been to and it was amazing! I also bought a gorgeous little black dress from Stella McCartney for £35.00!  Check out their website here - make sure you go along as it's so worth the time... (and yes, I do have the smallest feet in the universe)

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[Essential] Denim Chambray Shirt

Next up in my essentials series: denim chambray shirts.  Lets be honest with ourselves, when did denim ever go out? Last season saw another level of acceptance for "jeanwear" - top to toe denim/double denim.  The denim shirt of the early 90s saw a come back, alongside the Western Cowboy themes.  And it seems to be the one part of the look that is here to stay.  I really think this is an essential wardrobe piece, as the outfit combinations are never ending and are a great alternative to a tee or white shirt.  Adds a bit of texture, and thought into a look.

I've been collecting up photos of denim/chambray shirts on my pinterest, and doing so further outlined how useful one can be.  They're a little more interesting that any of type of shirt and they look fab with floral prints and other textures - leather too.  I've spotted them paired up with lots of white too, especially denim jeans and shorts.

My chambray shirt is a new addition to my wardrobe, from Topshop.  For something like this it's really important you get one that properly fits you - as you would with any shirt style.  It took me ages to find one that suited my shape; it was tricky as a lot have poppers too and I was concerned they'd bust open!  I've lived in my shirt recently, wearing it with my black maxi, new Current/Elliott Stiletto jeans and my Gap khaki trousers...

Where to buy your denim shirt:

Wrangler: Goes without saying really, these guys do denim best. For a traditional piece, look no where else
Madewell: If you are lucky enough to live or travel state-side this store's denim shirts are perfect
J Crew: Ditto about J Crew. The US not only has the genuine cowboys, but the genuine pieces nailed too
Topshop - This is my one, I absolutely love it.
Whistles - I love their denim selection, whoever designs these deserves a medal

Check out my pinterest board full of chambray shirt inspiration here...

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