[Craving] Victoria Beckham's Collar Dress

Not sure about you, but when Victoria Beckham first appeared on the fashion scene I was (in polite terms) dubious.  But, she's doing incredibly well - to the point it is easy to forget she was ever a Spice Girl.  Her RTW collections are getting more and amazing as time goes on, and her new Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection for this season catapulted sixties chic back in the limelight.

But lets not pretend, her stuff is expensive - and unfortunately for her  (but great for us) it's not hard to get the look at all. When I spotted this collared dress on ASOS this week it instantly reminded me of the cobalt blue Victoria Beckham SS12 piece (above).  As there is over £1600 difference in price, I know which one I'm going for...  Happy weekend!

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