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There isn't much that can deter me from my resting place at Christmas, other than a fresh supply of cheese and a Net A Porter sale. Both those things happened yesterday, and rather than me detailing all about my fromage adventures I thought I'd share my findings on the online bargain emporium.  It's a little bit good - here are my favourites for under £100:

Starting with a surprise piece from Chinti and Parker - slightly panicked at the number of Breton pieces in the sale (if this means they are going out of trend then I will be extremely unfashionable until they come around again, and proud) - I've loved this stripe tee ever since I saw a friend wearing it.  I bought this quicker than you can say 'add to basket.' Other breton gems included this one from J Crew for £42 and an MIH red stripe jumper for £32.50.

Keeping on the nautical theme, these Charles Philip flats are ace.  I was given a pair back in the spring and having worn them to death they still look brand new - and the name seems to be popping up everywhere. A pair for less than £80 is a steal... I can't quite believe these Hunter Boots are 50% off - you so rarely see them discounted!  Admittedly the heritage colours aren't in sale - but I blogged about the bright red pair a few months ago and have been lusting after them ever since, love the Shoreditch pair too (which are also half price).

The orange belt from J Crew will come in handy as tangerine is big for this summer but quite hard to wear - little hints of it like this are perfect and for £17.50 you can't really go wrong... and I couldn't really be a fashion blogger unless I mentioned a piece from the mothership, Isabel Marant. Her wool garments are SO nice, and this everyday grey jumper is £90. Buy it, wear it, revell in it... Etc.

The cobalt blue vest from J Crew is a little find I made this year - just buy one and you'll see what I mean.  You'll never buy high street vests again. The fit is amazing and you'll find yourself living in it - I'm wearing my nude one as I write this, also in the sale... Staying on the knits, Crumpet Cashmere are one of the best finds I made in 2012 - this fuchsia jumper is a steal at 50% off and the colour is perfect for perking up the grim British-grey weather days again.

I blogged about this Rag and Bone fedora a couple of weeks back, and now it's 40% off - it's as if it knew. I have no idea why their denim is reduced so heavily, but I'm not questioning it. Miranda Kerr was spotted in this white and black skinny jeans (50% off) last week, so that confirms they are a worthy purchase in my eyes... You can never have too many Equipment blouses in my opinion, and this one is perfect for the peach colours for SS13. Just buy it, you'll love it - trust me.

Last but certainly not least - and put simply - who doesn't want an Alexander McQueen scarf?  This one is a bargain for £62.50... Back to the cheese, day 3.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

I love all the breton tees! xo

Cagney & Lace said...

Some great Net A Porter finds - I stupidly snoozed over a pair of earrings until today & now they're sold out...that'll teach me.


Unknown said...

Want those red Hunters so much!

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Temporary:Secretary said...

I love all the stripey pieces, Anna! Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas! I've followed your blog a few days ago, have been wanting to stop by to say hello but Christmas chaos took over. Hope you're well xxxx

kbousq said...

love the red hunter boots! they're my favorite!

kristen at stylish in sequins

Unknown said...

Some lovely things in your list, absolutely adore the stripey flats, they look like they would be so comfortable. And I adore that Rag and Bone fedora, just not sure I would get enough wear out of it to justify even its reduced price! xo

Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

Rachael said...

Love this roundup - and cheese is such a worthy shopping partner. Glad I found your blog! Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I love love love your blog ive spent my day practically on it hahah!! I love it sooo much, its amazing well done i loooove it xxxx

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