[Craving] Laveer by Kate Ciepluch

Kate Ciepluch for Laveer

I've hidden myself away from the Christmas food table for long enough to post about something I discovered yesterday; I started the blog for a few reasons, but the two primary ones were finding new names hidden away behind the global brands, and culminating a finely tuned capsule wardrobe (to stop me spending stupid sums on stuff I wore for 2 minutes). So when I find out about new things like Laveer and it's founder Kate Ciepluch, I get a little bit excited.

photo via The Coveteur

As one of the first employee's of Shopbop, Kate climbed the internal ranks there before launching her own jacket range, Laveer.  She believes a jacket is the unsung hero of a girl's wardrobe and can frame any outfit they wear... Keeping her 'urban boheme' theme for her own personal style, the collection is made up of the kind of pieces you could wear every day and never look bad.  Serious attention to detail too, with solid hardware finishings and colour injections in the stitchings, linings and lapels.

My favourites are the Kadette blazers in green/cobalt and grey/leather but you can shop the whole collection here at Shopbop, and read all about it in Vogue, The Coveteur and Barney's Wardrobe.


EmerJa said...

LOve it!! You've got an amazing blog!! :) Are you from London? I'm moving to Birminghan to study for 6 months in January. I'm thinking a lot about the weather there and the kind of clothes I will have to bring with me, England is colder than Spain. I'll get inspiration with your blog when packagging:P

Shopaholic said...

wow, love <3

Unknown said...

love the pant and blazer in the pics.
So stunning.

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