[Christmas] Lopez's Gift Guide

Some of you might know, I have a dog. Not just any dog - I have Lopez. He's nearly 18 months now and I still get a bit teary eyed when I think about the day I first met him.  He was the size of my palm, and although he is now twenty times bigger he's still my little puppy - and always will be.  This is his 2nd Christmas, so he's caught onto what happens (and what doesn't, like weeing up the Christmas tree when the whole family is over).  Being the talented pooch that he is, he's put together a little gift edit to help you dog owners find good presents for your own fluffy friend...

Lopez picked out a mix of things he'd like people (ahem, Aunty Rhian - thats you) to buy him, and things he has accumulated this year that he loves.  Special mentions need to go to Mungo and Maud who introduced Lopez to his very own Mungo (the toy at number 5) The arms and legs are velcro and come off, Lopez's face was priceless when this first happened - he thought he was in serious trouble.  The collar at number 9 is also from them, it was his very first one and he managed to lose it - a new one is a must.  Number 4 is definitely the best doggy-bag product around - the rest are hopeless and the bags take ages to open...

The eyepads at number 10 have been an absolute life saver for Lopez this year.  Maltese and little terriers get lots of eye infections, and tear stains.  These pads are the only things I have found in this country that stop it - I firmly recommend a purchase if you have a four legged friend of your own. We're still toying between Lopez's Christmas day outfit - between number 7, number 2 and number 3. What do you think?


Josie said...

I have a bichon and he gets really bad tear stains, may look into those pads. I love that the whole family ends up buying the dog a present too, they are just having children haha xxx

Sarah said...

I adore the collar! My dog's 11 now and still loves Christmas- especially unwrapping presents which don't belong to her!

Unknown said...

Awesome post! And I love your blog:)
Follow each other?:)

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