[Craving] Hobbs' Party Dresses

Cameron Diaz / Hanneli Mustaparta

Maybe it's that party season is fast approaching, but I've found myself drawn to doing daily 'dress searches' at the moment - and was pretty impressed with Hobbs' selection for this Christmas.  Hobbs is a brand that in my opinion remains vastly misunderstood.  It often dresses it's windows for a much older market, but actually, if you do venture in they have some amazing pieces (including this gorgeous red number I wore to the Drapers Awards last week).

I spotted these two today and love how much they remind me of a winter version of the Valentino (who coincidentally I am meeting this evening at Somerset House - GAH) dress everyone who could afford it wore (from Victoria Beckham, to Mrs Zuckerberg) - pics above.

The embroidered collar and detail in the embroidery in the Carnaby dress bears a striking resemblence, whilst the Chelsea dress is great for a subtle take on the look.  I can't really choose, but if forced I'd go for the Chelsea as it's a little more classic and has a certain Blair Waldorf thing going on.  They both tick the 'little black dress' box perfectly - What do you think?

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Sarah said...

These are just lovely. I'm doing dress shopping daily too! (Or at least browsing!)

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