[Christmas] Gift Ideas Part 1

It's December tomorrow, so I'm allowed to say the C word... Christmas! It's that irritating time you can't remember everything you've said you wanted over the last few months - and when your mother calls, you can't remember anything other than socks and a romcom DVD (that you won't watch until October 2013). So, I've been accumulating everything I have seen and since the summer - I'm going to pop them into weekly edits until the 25th to keep you going for ideas....

First things up, hats.  I spotted this lovely pink cashmere bobble hat (number 4) by Rosie Sugden way back when, and still (for some unknown reason) don't own it. Mum, please see this... Next up, my friend Claire and I saw these gorgeous glitter pumps in the window in Knightsbridge last week and we've been pining after them ever since. The Reiss mint jumper is something I've been after for a while, looks just like the Acne one in the flesh and I love it... Ooh, and I really do need some more Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Bath Gel as mine is running out - smells amazing.

One of this years best discoveries has been AG Jeans, and the best prices I've found are at online boutique Trilogy Stores - AG jeans feel like silk and are literally the most gorgeous things ever to wear. I'm slightly nuts about fairisle knits at the moment, and this one from Jack Wills is the perfect mix of ridiculous and cosy... (and you can get 20% off with the code 'snow' at the moment). Ooh, and if you can't ask for a cashmere hot water bottle cover for Christmas, when can you? This one from my-wardrobe is gorgeous. Also from the my-gang is this Andrea Garland fox ring; number 1 it's a fox, number 2 it's a lip balm. Genius.  The slightly 'aim high' present is the iPad Mini, I saw a friend's at the weekend and LOVED it - it's not even that much smaller than an iPad - just less edging. So cool, and fits in your hand. SANTA PLEASE....

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Meggan said...

Totally agree, it is so frustrating when I can't remember anything that I really want for Christmas when asked! LOL I love your picks, those pumps are amazing!

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