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I will always remember the week of the resort collections, I was pretty much depressed.  It was just after the long jubilee weekend we'd had - back to work with a bump, and the weather in London was enough to make even the strongest Londoner emigrate to somewhere sunnier.  I wore my Ugg boots and thermals for the first 10 days of June.  And then along came a little shining light in the form of Resort 2013.  An exaggeration of course - but it did make my lunch-breaks far more interesting.

I've got to be honest, the whole 'resort collection' thing massively confuses me - I've only just gotten my head around the SS12 lookbooks, magazines are dressing for AW12 - and then along comes this other stuff that fits in the middle - being a relatively new fashionista, it made my head spin.  Saying that, I loved every minute of it - the collection are so much 'cleaner' than the spring and autumn fashion weeks and the trends much more clear... Which leads on to my findings = you're going to need a leopard print coat this autumn.  Everyone is at it.

I first spotted this at Isabel Marant in February and thought there could be something there.  Whatever Marant does usually takes hold.  I promptly started a pinterest board in her honour (here).  I wasn't wrong - both Celine and Stella McCartney had leopard printed coat babies in their resort collection - both in the cocoon style I blogged about in February about being a 'key coat shape' for this year.

All my favourite icons have been spotted wearing furry spotty numbers (from Alt to Palermo) over the last couple of years; there was a Topshop style that sold out in seconds in 2011.  This is absolutely a trend I'm going to be getting into - I'm one of those strange people excited by cooler weather so I can start piling on the layers...

Here are some of the best ones I have found so far:



Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not another coat I now want! Thanks a bunch Anna ;) x

Felicity said...

I'm a weirdo too; I absolutely love the layering potential in A/W! Plus you don't have to shave your legs, haha! I recently managed t hunt down the original leopard Topshop coat (the darker one with the tortoishell buttons and big lapels) on ebay, which I've been after for AGES. I love leopard print - a leopard print fur coat really is timeless, I think. x

gaby said...

love it , it`s very chic !!
Great post !!!


Unknown said...

Perfect timing! I am actually in a deep research of the perfect leopard print coat. A timeless and chic with a twist piece. Haven't quite found it yet (although I quite like the Asos one!). xxx Hayley

Unknown said...

I want one SO badly!!!! xx

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