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You know that smug feeling when you find a high street item that perfectly matches a designer piece?  Welcome to my morning!  The Net A Porter team sent their latest Edit magazine through last weekend and I've been reading on my commute this week.  Among the gorgeous collections was a Matthew Williamson blue dress that leaped from the page, below.

This dress is £1095. Hmmm. If anyone does have a spare grand knocking about then I really do think this is a worthy purchase.  Blue and black jacquard is huge for AW12, in fact you may bored of me harping on about it (sorry) after all my Stella McCartney inspired outfits this season already (if you have so far been spared, check them out here).  However, I have found the perfect high street option that I bought last week...

Zara is a clever little ladt isn't she?  This dress is £49.99.  That's one thousand and forty five pounds and one pence cheaper. Yay. I spotted this on a friend from Positive Luxury and instantly fell in love.  For an A Line dress it's very flattering too.  Not sure about them with those boots, I've matched mine up with some simple back pumps.  Regardless, what a steal!

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Unknown said...

love that print!!!! glad to have found you here :)

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