[Outfit] The Tattoo Alternative

I've been wimping out of getting a tattoo for as long as I can remember, and I recently had another bout of it.    I really love the simple symbols that girls have on their wrists or neck, but I have a real thing about not having tattoos on my wedding day (not that that is coming up any time particularly soon) and also feel you should have a genuine reason behind every tattoo, ie: not just 'I really liked the pattern' but 'Something happened to me, and this tattoo represents the change in me for it.'  And I'm not sure that anything has ever happened to me in my life is something I'd want to ink on my skin!

Around the same time I had a coffee with Starworks who mentioned a client of theirs called Horiyoshi III.  He is a seriously talented Japanese tattoo artist and has just taken some of his designs to print, on some gorgeous clothing.  I wasn't sure I was into deeply patterned pieces, but there is something a little bit enchanting about this scarf - and it's fab to have something a little bit different from time to time.  

You can't really see in the pictures (I attempted in holding it up for all to see, but failed slightly) but it is a gorgeous tiger print. I found it really easy to wear (mega soft as it's made from silk and cashmere) with my basics; here are my old faithfuls - my Topshop military shirt, failsafe Dorothy Perkins indigo jeans and boots from Reiss (seasons old, but the love remains strong).  In fact I love the boots so much I gave them their own picture, below.

It's a great alternative to the skull print scarf that everyone seems to by buying imitating at the moment by Alexander McQueen - and I really like the source of inspiration behind the designs: they've literally been inked into people!  And finally, apologies for all the Lopez snaps - he seems to love being in front of the camera.  Whenever I start snapping he appears, and even cocks his head when you say 'pose...'  Diva dog!

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Anonymous said...

Firstly - NEVER apologise for Lopez, Anna. He is a gorgeous diva dog and I love him.

You look so beautiful in these piccies! I didn't show you my little wrist tattoo, next time I see you I will. It's a little ladybird and totally unobtrusive. Although I really do see your point about tattoos and wedding dresses, although it's not something I've ever thought about.

Love these boots & the shirt.

Love Mealie

Sarah said...

This scarf is lovely!

Felicity said...

That dog is ADORABLE! Nice scarf too! x

Thelma Frayne said...

You couldn't have summed it up better; that is exactly how I feel about getting a tattoo! Sometimes I think I'm just being a wimp but I don't want one just for the sake of it. But then I'm not into anything enough to have it as a perm. mark on me.

The scarf is lovely too!

Sarah // DOTTY said...

You know, I've never been bothered about tattoos before, but I think one of the big changes you speak of may be happening to me right now.. I sort of want one to remind me that life is about balance and to stay positive. It's a bit embarrassing to talk about, isn't it? Telling others that you'd like something etched onto your body for life, that they may not agree with.

Anyway, I always love to see Lopez. I saw a smaller (if that's possible) version of him in Manchester on Saturday night, and simply had to go say hello. Too cute.

Aurélie and Angelo said...

Gorgeous casual look! Love the shirt and scarf! Fab photos too! xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the scarf, love your outfit, love your hair, and even as a non-woofer lover, love Lopez! And agree with everyone look amazing in all these photos! x

Anonymous said...

Um. Sorry...also meant to say love how you linked your personal tattoo quest with the scarf...very smooth!

Caramel Latte Kiss said...

LOVE the boots.
I've pondered a tattoo on and off for months. I often admire little, simple ones on other people, but I am just way too indecisive about my own, and like you, feel a tattoo should mean something.

the style crusader said...

The scarf is gorgeous! I love the tiger print on it. I have a really similar blue and white one from Temperley.

p.s. you dog is SO CUTE. xx

pink chaos said...

i got a little tatoo - after my wedding... :-)
and yes, definitely it should mean sth personally to you.
if you still want it you will find
a word, symbol - what ever - that totally represents it all to you... trust me... i tried to resist very long, and then i found the one word that did it for me.

Fragile Bird said...

Love your header, your blog is soo cool!

Please check out my blog if you have a few minutes spare :)


Aurélie and Angelo said...

I have a soft spot for olive green, LOVE that shirt! Perfect for this season, and that scarf is a great accessory for this look! And Lopez gets cuter by the day!!! xxx

alison*elle said...

Eeep, your dog is too cute. And I love this outfit - those boots are incredible.

Thanks for visiting my blog! That is so cool how your friend's sister is one of the Smythe designers! Now following you :)

xo, alison*elle


I really love the printed scarf and it looks great styled with your khaki shirt!


tien said...

Gosh that scarf is stunning! Love the boots as well :)

Tien xo

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