[Craving] Tatler's Thomas Pink Trench

Some of you may have spotted via Twitter that I had a slightly unusual Friday last week, as Lopez and the PetsPyjamas team hosted Tatler a little puppy shower to welcome their newest staff member, Alan the Dachshund (have a look at the pics here on the Tatler site if you missed it).  We had a great time, even though it all got a bit much for Lopester at one point and he was found trying to escape via the lift in Vogue House...

Me and the resident party animal / Lopez and doggy-mumma-to-be, Jenny

As a thank you for the endless cupcakes and puppy goodies, Tatler gave Lopez and I some weekend reading in the form of their November issue.  It has been a while since I've read the magazine and we thoroughly enjoyed spending my Saturday afternoon at home with my mummy browsing it with a lot of Earl Grey and a pack of Gravy Bones (for Lopez, honest).

This was where I spotted this (above).  An amazing trench coat.  I've harped on about it being an essential wardrobe piece for years, and I've blogged about them a LOT. Sorry. However, the inner snob in me thought a trench could come from one of two places, Burberry or Aquascutum.  Thomas Pink have proven me wrong with this little beaut.  You want it, you need it.  Etc.

Beyond gorgeous, and perfect for autumn dressing.  If you don't already own one, browse the trench coated street style spots like the above on my pinterest here - that'll teach you.  Over and out...

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Selene said...

i can't live without my trench!!!

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