[Trend] Check Knit Jumpers

Jonathan Saunders AW12 / Topshop Unique AW12

When one of the biggest designer influencers, and their high street comparison both put similar pieces on the runway you can pretty much bet on the look being a hit.  And sure enough Jonathan Saunders (as worn by little Cheryl Cole this week) and Topshop Unique's check-stitch woolly jumpers have caused a ripple effect through London's shopping districts...

I am absolutely buying into this trend, I am so excited to start dressing for autumn - my favourite time of year.   London turns to gorgeous tones of red and rust, leaves crunch and we get to light explosives in the name of Guy Fawkes.  I suspect I'm going to go with the ASOS one, but think I'll check out the quality of the Primark one first.  What do you think?

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