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This week on Sisters with Style, are two girls behind the Benetton and Sisley brands.  Becca and Rae work in the PR team at their Oxford Street HQ, and Lopez and I took a little trip to see them at their showroom. 

Do you both have a defined style, or do you change season by season?
Becca: I have specific styles that I am always drawn to, but I do tend to like different things and try adapt each season, however at the moment I'm trying to build an essentials wardrobe inspired by Anna, so that I can use this as a base and adapt it to my personal style.
Rae: I wouldn’t say I have a defined style so much as I like to experiment with my look, but overall I guess you could say thatI’m quite into the vintage look – I have loads of pieces that were my mum’s and my gran’s!

How has your style changed over time? 
B: I used to by what was on trend and usually on a budget, now I'm more interested in dressing for my shape, having a classic chic style which is personal to me, whilst having a nod to the trends. 
R: I think after moving to London my confidence to try different looks has grown.  In Scotland everything is the same, there is much more variety down here.
B: Moving to London influenced me too, also leaving university and needing to shop practically for clothes that I can wear to work and on weekends.

What influences both of your styles?
B: I read a lot of magazines, it’s my job!  I'm influenced by street style, I love images of Olsen's, Nicole Richie, Christine Centenera and Elin Kling. Recently I've discovered Australian Elle Ferguson and Swedish blogger Angelica Blick... I would love to look like them!
R: Before I worked at Benetton I interned with Wonderland Magazine.  Seeing all the beautiful clothes up close really made me appreciate the craftsmanship behind designer clothes and see some sense behind the prices.  Their fashion cupboard was something you’d usually only see in your dreams...

What are your wardrobe staples
B: Basic jersey pieces like oversized tees, jersey basics, black skinny jeans and a leather jacket... I'm looking to expand this using the South Molton St Style list as my reference!
R: My list would be similar, but probably include a few more accessories.  I love a bit of sparkle, and fur jackets.  They’re naughty, but I’ve got four!  When you’ve done winters in Scotland you’ll wear anything to stay warm.

What items of clothing make you think of each other? Is there a particular outfit that stands out?
B: Vintage clothing reminds me of Rae, anything with a 50's vibe! 
R: Anything well put together, Bea always looks pristine.

When you shop together, where are the first places you visit? Would you pick the same things out? 
R: I love checking out vintage stores and then add on pieces from the usual high street haunts.
B: My first point of call would be Zara and H&M, I'm trying to branch out my store choices to places like Whistles, The Outnet etc. But I'm really loving some of the Benetton & Sisley pieces for the AW12 classic pieces and they are such good quality! 

If you were to be dressed by one designer for the rest of your life, who would you choose?
Who would you guess the other would decide on? 
B: I was dreading this question, can I have one per fashion capital?!  London would be Burberry Prorsum, definitely.  Argh this is so hard – I also need to get Alexander Wang, Celine and Givenchy in there.
R: I studied textiles at university, so my list is a little different as I love prints and knitwear.  Rodarte’s work is amazing, and I love all the emerging British designers like Holly Fulton and Peter Pilotto.

Do you have any particular ‘fashion memories’ with you own (or your sister’s) style?
B: My most prominent fashion memory is staying with my grandma all the time, every morning I would head straight for her room and dress up in her clothes, shoes, hats, fur and jewellery... I would wear it all day, changing every few hours! I also remember begging my mum for years to get a pair of denim pedal pushers from Tammy, so I could look like B*Witched, I've always had a strong mind about what I wore and have dressed myself from a toddler, I have made lots of fashion faux pas along the way!
R: I had a goth phase.  It wasn’t pretty, but it didn’t last for long – a week maybe.  I remember some blue lipstick too…

If you could get away with it, what items would you pinch from each other’s wardrobes? 
B: Rae has a gorgeous Emerald Green silk skirt which I love! 
R: I’ve got my eye on her Louis Vuitton Speedy bag.  In fact I think I deserve some credit for not pinching it already…

Thank you so much to both girls for taking part, Lopez loved his little visit to see you both!  You can read the rest of our Sisters with Style interviews here, and also check out Becca's blog here - full of similar loveliness! 

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Lopez is particularly gorgeous in that photo, my heart just melted... <3

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