[Outfit] Floral Fancy for FNO

Some of you may remember my post from a week ago about the floral suit from Warehouse?  Well, I bought it.  And I am so, so impressed.  I'm saving the 2 piece suit for fashion week, but I wore the trousers with some old favourites for FNO last week.

Warehouse Floral Trousers - £50, Zara Jacket (old) French Connection Vest (old), Russell and Bromley Shoes - £29 (sale)

My boyfriend bought me this Zara jacket about 3 years ago, and it sat unworn until the beginning of this year.  I'm really not sure why, but I think after I had an operation on my stomach last year my body shape has changed a little bit and I've got a bit more comfortable with wearing jackets that don't cover the thighs... Anyway, I now wear it about once a week - it looks fab with jeans and tees.

The silk vest was a Bicester Village purchase from French Connection a couple of summers ago. It really comes in handy for outfits like this wear you need a little cami underneath something.  The slightly rose tint is great for this outfit too - and matches up well with the shoes...

Warehouse Floral Trousers - £50, Zara Jacket (old) French Connection Vest (old), Russell and Bromley Shoes - £29 (sale)

Did someone say shoes?!  These Russell and Bromleys were a rather naughty buy last weekend on Bond St.  BUT they were reduced from £165 to £29.  Yup, really.  They were marked down to £45 and then when I took them to the till they were actually £29.  I am so happy with them - metallics are still really in fashion I love the rose gold tone.  How could I not!?  They even go well with my dog...

Oh and FNO was brilliant!  I started at Mulberry (slightly daunted by the number of paparazzi outside when I walked in, who all groaned in a *what is she doing here* way when I walked in) then went on to see Briony rock it at Jimmy Choo with Rhian and Victoria.  We ended up at Armani, where Labrinth did a private gig which was amazing.  Not going to lie,  the best part was that it was a free night and everyone did super yummy cocktails...  FNO should be every week!

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Unknown said...

ah looking gorg!

Sarah said...

They look so good!!! I'm getting some!!

A Girl, A Style said...

Aww, it was SO good to see you Thursday; thank you so much for coming by (made it so much more fun to see friends there). And I just bought the trousers, though I'm fairly sure they look a LOT better on you than me (I don't have the thighs for them)

Briony xx

Nikki said...

I LOVE this look - especially those rose gold heels! Thanks for stopping by my blog - you are so gorgeous!
Nikki at

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