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Last Saturday I met up with my friends Sarah (of Style on the Couch), Dearne (of Notting Hill Girl) and Briony (of A Girl A Style) for a mammoth catch up session and general blog-chat.  One of the nicest surprises about starting South Molton St Style are the friendships I have made from it - and it's lovely to have girls close to you who understand what you mean by 'traffic,' 'followers' and the need to everything from Helmut Lang.

Bob Bob Ricard / Sarah from Style On The Couch

Dearne from Notting Hill Girl and Briony from A Girl A Style

Sarah was in London from America for a visit, so it prompted a fab excuse to get together.  We headed to Bob Bob Ricard in Soho for brunch that lasted 5 hours, sipping cucumber and mint lemonade and feasting on Caesar salads and humble pie (yep, really).  We then took some spontaneous pictures in the nearby square, we are bloggers after all - some of which I thought I'd share with you.  

my beloved Reiss heels (a bargain in the sales)

I'm still working on my ability to pose in any shape or form - these girls have got it down to a T.  I loved Briony's Chanel-like dress and always admire Dearne's ability to mix chic and girly pieces together.  And Sarah... Well Sarah and that gorgeous mane of hers always look beautifully refined.

still slightly nervous in front of the camera, but getting there...

rings by Daisy Knights, necklace a gift from the boy (Tiffany) and watch Michael Kors

I wore my leather biker jacket which I bought at the beginning of this year from Maje (here), Topshop military shirt (I'm slightly obsessed with khaki at the moment - here is my post about buying the shirt), my favourite Reiss boots (am a mahoosive fan of their footwear), my Ralph Lauren sunnies and my Paul Smith handbag which was a steal in the sales at Selfridges.

Dearne and Briony gives my posing skills a run for their money. It was an education, I tell you.

I must give a special mention to my new jeans.  I categorically hate buying denim; it's the most soul destroying process in the universe.  But thanks to Benetton, the whole thing got easier.  Their new Pin Up range (quite literally pin your bottom up, and seem to squeeze in your thighs - AMAZING) are fab.  

For me, denim brands are like banks and cigarette brands for others; when you've found one that works for you, you'll probably never ever divert to another.  I'd been buying far, far more expensive jeans previously - but at £49.99 I'm going to be getting these in every colour available.  Have a look at the full range here.

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TheOnlineStylist said...

Wow...what a fabulous bunch you are - just gorgeous! Am with you Anna on the posing thing...it takes about 60 photos to get two decent ones with me & some days I just look like a wooden top! This pics are great and lovely to see some of my favourite bloggers all in one post! xx

InĂªs said...

so lovely all of you :)


Ava said...

You look fabulous Anna.. You should definitely do more outfit posts of yourself :)

Maebe Isadora said...

love this post! and love blogger catch up's! so much fun! you all look like you had a blast! and I second! more outfit posts!

Barbara said...

You girls all look incredibly stylish and I love how much passion and hard work you all put into blogging. Keep up the good work (that includes more lovely outfit posts!)

Barbara (@MsHGolightly)

gaby said...

You look great !!!



Jing Pei said...

Aw this is adorable! You all look so chic and girly! How did you come to meet in person?


A Girl, A Style said...

1) You're a total babe and should definitely do more outfit shots! 2) You're far too kind; it takes me about 40 shots to get two good photos (as you saw) and I feel anything but natural in front of the camera ;) 3) I had so much fun! We must do it again soon!

Briony xx

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