[Outfit] Our Runway Debut...

Lopez and I had a very fun day at work last week, helping Pets Pyjamas put together their new runway video!  I'm not sure who was more excited, Lopez in his green Holly and Lil collar or me with my Mary Katrantzou dress!  The Pets Pyjamas fashion team (namely Coco and Natalie) put together an amazing afternoon of runway splendour - all the dogs had fun and after a few barks made firm friends.  

Lopez; matching lime green Holly and Lil collar and leads / Me; Nicholas Kirkwood heels (old) and Mary Katrantzou dress, £640

Lopez was definitely the more confident of the pair of us, and a total runway natural.  I tottered along behind him in my heels and let him own the stage...  The other models (and their human pairings) were fab too - Lopez took a particular shine to Heidi the Norfolk Terrier and Noodle the Dachshund.

Just a small sample of all the pets' goodies in the dressing room

Lopez and I on the runway (!!)

The Pets Pyjamas team

Pets Pyjamas has been an amazing resource for Lopez and I ever since it started, and we recently joined their marketing team.  The site is fantastic, if you aren't already signed up and ever have a need to buy something for a pet, find out if somewhere is pet friendly or need advice on which breed to bring into your home then you definitely should (click this link).

Rosie, Noodle, Atticus and Olivia

I've also decided that I really, really want to get a  little Dachshund brother or sister for Lopez.  Atticus and Noodle were the sweetest things in the world, I find their teeny legs so funny!  My boyfriend will go ballistic, but it is going to happen... Watch this space.


Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Can't believe there wasn't a single English cocker there! Oscar, the pupster, got all moody when he found out.
You and Lopez looked fantastic! :)

the dreamer said...

How adorable! I love those dachshunds! Lopez is very cute too. Dogs and fashion- is there a better pairing in life?

Sarah x

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Anna, you look great in the Mary Katrantzou dress and all the pictures are lovely! You and Lopez make a very stylish duo!

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