[Craving] Warehouse Floral Print Set

I'm getting a mixture of excitement and stress over how quickly London Fashion Week is approaching - four days of going from show to show (over a weekend too, so am effectively working 2 weeks straight - yay), writing up trend reports (which will be my own personal guide of how to do SS13) and then there is the grand question of, 'What to wear?'.  I'm not going to go crazy and buy an entirely new wardrobe, but I'm after a few pieces that are 'fashion' enough that I'll wear through the new season...  Sounds simple, but it ain't.

I'm good for three of the days, but I want something a little more 'out there' for one outfit, it is fashion week after all...  If you told me I'd be coveting a twin set and pearls in 2012 I'd have laughed in your face - but then I saw the Warehouse AW12 collection.  I'm not ready to put away my florals yet, so this combo is perfect.  I'm thinking of getting the jacket (buy it here for £70) and the trousers (buy them here for £50) and wearing a sharp white shirt with a pearl finish I picked up a few weeks ago with them.  Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

The outfit sounds perfect!

Sarah said...

I love Warehouse's new collection...saw this outfit in the shops over the weekend and it's just perfection!

Laura {This City Life London} said...

Sounds great! I like the high waist on the trousers and how the floral pattern fades out at the end.

Sad to be missing out on the LFW buzz in London being on hols but will look forward to reading the blog updates on my return!


Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

so amazing, i love how it's faded at the ends

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

Henar said...

I adore the pants, I'd love to have them!


thankfifi said...

I definitely think you should get the set - you can wear them both with other looks too so it's a win/win.

♥ ThankFifi
Thanks so much for your comment today :)
p.s. totally jealous that you'll be at fashion week (although I will be on holiday so that should make up for it!)

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