[Craving] A Pair of Motties

Something happened on Sunday: autumn.  It hit me like a smack in the face.  However, once I had calmed down over the fact that tanning was done for 2012 (and I'd dried myself off from working at a pet show in torrential rain) I realised something: it's time for cosy clothes!  Autumn/Fall is my favourite time of year; cosy nights in, fireworks, comfort food, leaf-crunching walks and more to the point: layers and layers of soft, comfortable clothes.  And one of the most crucial wardrobe items?  Slippers.

May I introduce the maker of the best cosy slippers in town: Motties.  Alexa (owner) was working at a furniture company and realised that all the offcuts of upholstery leather were being thrown straight in the bin.  Confident that there must be an alternative, she started taking them home and making them into slippers!  I can remember the first little pair she'd made for a family friend's baby - and before I knew it she had a whole company!  I bought a pair for my mum for Christmas last year, she's worn them every day and they still look brand new...

Starting from £15, made from cut offs and recyclable materials - Alexa also donates £1 to Emmaus (a charity for the homeless) for every pair sold.  Could this company be any nicer?  Cannot recommend Alexa and Motties enough, having to stay inside due to bad weather will suddenly become a pleasure...

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