[Craving] Blue and White Peplum Top

Some of you may remember some H&M jeans I bought a few weeks ago?  At the time I was talking about how much they remind me of the Stella McCartney AW12 collection and mentioned a similar peplum tee from the same H&M range.  But, I couldn't find it online to show you!

However, one of my favourite US blog teams Britt and Whit blogged about it last week, here is Whit wearing the top - with a picture of Stella's similar top so you can compare.  I thought this might help you see what I was talking about - and just how gorgeous it is!  It's still not available online (boooo) so try your nearest store - and have a look at my post on the coordinating trousers here!

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Carrie said...

Wow such a good blog, I'd never heard of these girls before thanks for the tip! xx


the style crusader said...

The top is gorgeous and definitely looks similar to that one by Stella McCartney. Thanks for the blog tip! xx

sara.fashionocean said...

The blog is really goog,thanks for the tip.

Victoria said...

I love Britt and Whit! i love the embroidered detailing on both of those tops. It makes it that much more special!

The Stylista Diaries

Darby said...

I LOVE the blue with white!!! SO cute! :)
xoxo Darby

Obviously Obsessed

TFB said...

This is too cool. xx

Felicity said...

That's gorgeous! x

Unknown said...

I saw it in the High St Kensington store - get down there quick!! xxx

Jamie lee said...

Oh. Love the idea of that
Don't. I hope you can track one down!

Anonymous said...

That is a great "copy" and I do get frustrated with H&M at times for not having their whole collection online. I do also find some great pieces in store but the shopping there can get crazy at the larger branches. Having said that this is quite a find, you'd want to hunt this one down!

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