[Trend] Fluted Hem Skirts

I spotted this trend a while ago and have been meaning to put a post together forever about it - have loads of examples book marked on my computer, ahhh!  But I'm so glad I waited, as I was without a clue on what these skirts were called - thank you Who What Wear for explaining that they are, 'Fluted Hems.'  No idea why, but it works...

Stella McCartney AW12

I am incredibly happy this look is 'in' as it has to be one of the most flattering skirt styles ever - tight about the waist and juts out at the thigh - it is the leg-peplum of dreams!  Stella McCartney used the idea with two completely contrasting trends; tweed and jacquard - so I'm sure the high street will be quick to nail the idea with a variety of textures and colours.  It can also easily be converted into a workwear piece, as my edit below shows... Here are my favourite fluted finds - 

I love the Dolce and Gabbana (above right) jacquard style, and this one from Tara Jarmon (above left) could be great for working into an office outfit...

Karen Millen is drastically going up in my estimations - I used to avoid it like the plague (sorry girls but for me it was where people who usually shopped in Jane Norman bought their outfit for a wedding - and I hate brands who cover their clothes in their emblems) but it is fast proving me wrong.  This red skirt is fab, and a bargain for £99.  Keep an eye on DKNY this season - this skirt (left) is only the start of some fabulous skirts to come out of their AW12 collection...

gorgeous fluted hem skirt in the ASOS AW12 collection

ASOS (above) and Oasis have some fabulous jacquard ones coming up but they aren't available online yet (boooo) - I spotted an amazing one in ELLE US that I am itching to get my hands on...  What do you think of the trend?  Is it a winner?

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Katie said...

Yes, such a winner! Love this style - good spot! My favourite is the D&G one xxx

Outside Looking In said...

I'm so glad this style is "in" too! It is so chic, flattering and girly! LOVE it!!!

Unknown said...

Oooh i am loving the red option! so cute!

love from San Francisco,

Felicity said...

I love these type of skirts, like you say, they are super flattering! x


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