[Trend] The Stella McCartney Effect

Not sure about you, but ever since I saw the Stella McCartney collection for AW12 I've been craving cobalt blue jacquard left, right and centre...

At the weekend I dragged the boyfriend to buy my new leopard print loafers and stumbled upon an amazing collection by H&M.  Obviously Stella  inspired (although there is something equally Marant about them, no?) with the blue (hot look for AW12) and embroidery, I bought the jeans for a bargain £34.99 (that said, I went to 4 stores to hunt them down in my size).

Apologies for the terrible photos, my boyfriend is away so I can't ask him to do any better, but how good are these jeans?  I've popped a couple of shots of the Stella McCartney show to demonstrate the similarity.  There is also a white peplum top for £34.99 which I am pondering over, which is extremely like the Stella shirt below with it's colour tone and pattern.

The range doesn't appear to be online, apparently as they sold out so quickly!  I strongly recommend going to fetch them as they are absolutely gorgeous to wear, the pattern is quite flattering and they feel very soft on.  I absolutely love them and wore them to a My Wardrobe on Wednesday evening - go get them while you still can! (also, don't panic if you have to go a size up in them - I did, and the sales assistant said everyone she knows who has bought them have found them teeny weeny - phew)

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Josie said...

They're SO good. If only I weren't on a spending ban *cries* at least I can console myself with the fact that they sold out super fast so probably couldn't get my hands on a pair anyway. xxx

Anonymous said...

Love it :)

Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

Prudence and Austere said...

I love when you can find designer inspired pieces at bargain prices. Your jeans are amazing, if only the nearest H&M wasn't so far away I would try and get myself a pair!

thankfifi said...

so glad you found them small too! tried these on saturday but they didn't have the size up I needed - love them!

♥ ThankFifi

Claire said...

I just got these today and love them!

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