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This week on Sisters with Style are Rebecca and Alice.  These talented two founded LUXFIX - a members only fashion boutique - with a hugely useful experience-belt firmly around their waists having worked in investment banking and digital marketing between them.  

Probably two of the hardest working people I have ever come across, since their BETA site launched in 2011 they have partnered up with some of the hottest names in British fashion, either inviting them join their eBoutique, or providing an exclusive 'pop up' flash sale for members to enjoy.  I could go on, but they are raring to go:

Do you both have a defined style, or do you change season by season?
R: For me it’s more about a series of obsessions, which change every couple of months. My absolute go to at the moment are brightly coloured knits – with a particular pale grey with neon orange trim cashmere cardigan (from Jaeger) right up there. Last season I wore two black leather skirts (one very biker chick/Harley Davidson ho from Selected Femme the other one a bit more S&M Moneypenny from Swagga & Soul) to death.
A: I like to mix seasonal pieces with vintage finds.  I’m currently obsessed with beautiful printed silk blouses and dresses.  Top of my Want list is a dress by Mary Katrantzou, I need one in my life.

How has your style changed over time?
R: (sighs sadly) I think I’ve had to realise you do have to focus on your good points as opposed to just wearing exactly what you feel like… so now I would wear a Helmut Lang black dress with lace sleeves (SO flattering for the arms) instead of bearing my shamefully unsculpted upper arms.
A: I have definitely moved away from fast fashion to investing in key pieces.  I’ve been handed down some incredible vintage pieces and it’s really rammed home the fact that beautifully cut, exquisitely made pieces are crafted to last and never go out of style.  I like the idea of my wardrobe one day being a treasure chest for my grandchildren.

What influences both of your styles? Do you influence each other’s choices?
R: Oooo I think so a bit! We are both completely different shapes and sizes but that doesn’t mean I can’t seriously appreciate Alice’s accessorising. She is the queen of layering statement necklaces – definitely something I’ve tried to steal.  I take a lot of inspiration from the 50’s – interviewing Dita Von Teese on her style the other day was awesome as she takes 40’s & 50’s classic dressing to the modern day via clinched skirts, ballet shoes etc, both of which I wear a lot of.
A:  Definitely, imitation is the finest form of flattery after all!  Last season it was leather skirts and Rebecca got there first.

What are your wardrobe staples?
R: Clinched skirts and ballet shoes! Also long cashmere cardigans, men’s shirts in lovely coloured cottons to wear with leggings, and knit dresses. Last season I bought a lace kimono cardigan from Crumpet Cashmere (one of our designers) and I have worn it with everything. It’s awesome – geisha meets 18th century lace.
A: Accessories!  I’m a huge fan of upgrading an outfit with a beautiful handbag, statement jewellery, and a killer pair of heels.

What items of clothing make you think of each other? Is there a particular outfit that stands out?
R: It's accessories and shoes that make me think of Alice – no-one looks better in a statement necklace or pointed lace-ups.
A: When we’re in “work mode” it’s statement knitwear that reminds me of Rebecca.  Classic cashmere updated with a flash of neon.  Nobody rivals Rebecca for fancy dress though, she is the Queen of Costumes.  I don’t think anyone will ever forget she and her husband entering their wedding party in their 18th Century finery.

When you shop together, where are the first places you visit? Would you pick the same things out?
R: Well we only really shop online! No we definitely wouldn’t pick the same things out –  we would pick things out for each other though.

The LUXFIX website

If you were to be dressed by one designer for the rest of your life, who would you choose?
Who would you guess the other would decide on?
R: Interesting – it probably has to be Vivienne Westwood as she is just so wonderful for the errrm, curvy girl. Can I also have Alaïa? I’m still saving for that first dress but this would fast track things.  Alice I think would pick Temperley – she looks amaze in long 20’s/30’s silhouettes and she certainly has a soft spot for Alices.
A:  Ooooh, Rebecca is right I would definitely be loyal to my fellow Alice but we might have to fight over Alaia too.

Do you have any particular ‘fashion memories’ with you own (or your sister’s) style?
R: Yes! My first pair of Vivienne Westwood pirate boots. I didn’t take them off.
A: I remember those boots!  I was green eyed with envy!  For me it would have to be my first Chanel handbag, which was definitely the moment I realized the power of a good accessory.

If you could get away with it, what items would you pinch from each other’s wardrobes?
A: Rebecca has a beautiful caged crystal pendant from Lucy Hutchings, and every time she wears it I want it even more.

What trends do you think you’ll adapt to for Autumn / Winter?
R: Black leather with textures – I’m going to mix leather with thick patterned cotton jumpers from J Crew and also layering. I’ve just bought a divine silk embroidered kimono top from Yigal Azrouël which is going to go over everything. Im also buying a flash dance grey sweatshirt for hanging out at home and practicing my dance moves.
A: I’m going to invest in tartan from NY based Maggy Frances’s new collection of stylish separates.  It’s been a decade and I’m finally over being hung up over the school uniform associations.

Do sign up to Alice and Rebecca's brilliant site LUXFIX, they really do have some fabulous things on there - and are the only site around who get discounts on current season stock!  To read other Sisters with Style posts, or to find out how to take part click here.

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Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Really like this new 'Sisters with Style' feature, very original and great to discover stylish siblings!

Emma said...

Aww, these girls are clearly so talented!

Unknown said...

cool!!! i love these photos!

xoxo from rome

Anonymous said...

Loved this - I have such a different way of dressing and approaching 'fashion' in general than my sister, it was so interesting to read their answers! They seem like an enormously talented duo.

Darby said...

What a great interview! I LOVE this post idea :)
xoxo Darby
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