[Bought] Zara Woven Print Skirt

I realised earlier today that I hadn't shared one of my favourite purchases of the year with you - this Zara blue and white printed skirt.  I bought it for the Marie Claire Runway party two weeks ago, and wore it to death on holiday!  Ever since my post on creating the Burberry tribal/print style I'd been after a winner, I desperately wanted the Maje tee I wrote about - but this skirt was safer to the bank balance at £29.99.  

I paired it up with a white tuxedo jacket, grey tee and my Nicholas Kirkwood black shoes for the party, and then with simple vests and tees and sandals on holiday. The wool fabric makes it perfect to cross over into winter, and the blue/white/china colours are also hot for the end of the year. It's a winner!

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Outside Looking In said...

LOVE that skirt!!!

Josie said...

I saw this in store and it's so beautiful! I love how you wore it to the party, bet you looked amazing. xxx

Olivia said...

I love the jacket in this print - it's on my list! X

Alexa said...

love that skirt <3 such a cool print!

Alexa <3

Unknown said...

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love this skirt !

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