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A few weeks ago I did a post on utility jackets, which seemed to go down well - and it's amazing how once you've highlighted your attention to a certain piece of clothing it pops up everywhere, this certainly happened to me in this instance.  But, I noticed that when my eyes picked up on army green it wasn't always in jacket form, it often was on gorgeous shirts too.  I had lunch at Dean Street Townhouse in the week and spotted at least 8 (as I was trying to concentrate with a client, and failed).

So, naturally I decided that I must own one of these beauties.  Having further stalked down a load of street style images (some of which I have popped into this post) it seemed only right, as you wear them with anything.  This shade of green looks amazing with blue denim (which I live in) and also looks fab with leather, bright patters and its plain enough to wear with my leopard print Current Elliott jeans that I bought in the Selfridges sale a few weeks ago (the Stiletto jean that I blogged about needing in my life).  So I set about find the perfect one...

I found the above two, and ended up going with the Topshop version - purely because of the price (even though the Zadig and Voltaire one is absolute steal, I have a holiday to pay for).  It's fab - I have worn it a few times and will probably wear it over the weekend with my leather trousers and leopard print heels (thoughts?).  I absolutely love this look, so pleased with my shirt - know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it too = result!

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Simone said...

Love it!

Chica de Ahora

Sian said...

Ooh love these! I'd be the same as you and go for thr Topshop one xx

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