[Essential] Black Maxi Skirt

I was massively anti the maxi skirt.  I'm five foot three, and not model size so I had the theory that a maxi skirt would drown me and do nothing for my shape...  How wrong I was.  I bought mine at the end of last year and instantly fell in love with it.  You can pair it up in so many different ways and it's such a good thing to have in the UK when the weather is neither really hot or really cold.

And being totally honest; they're so darn comfortable.  I've been living in mine recently through the terrible UK weather and they are just the nicest thing to be wearing when the rain it plummeting down outside.  Less so when you are trying to walk home and bottom of the skirt gets wet... But sometimes you have to make sacrifices! 

I've noticed that lots of people wear them over Fashion Week and I completely get why; if you can find the right one it can be quiet a statement piece, but is uber comfortable when you are rushing around and sitting awkwardly at runways etc, etc.  It doesn't take much to make it look amazing - I am a bigger fan of the non-sheer skirts as I think they can look a little cheap - and some of the silk versions are amazing!  

I really like pairing mine with a top in the same colour to give an illusion of it being a dress - I love the McQ for McQueen leather vest I've put in the outfit shots above, a girl can dream (or you can buy it here for £365).  Mixing up the textures looks fab, and the edginess of the leather is cool too.  

Maxis go well with the breton tees and chambray shirts we all love too - not to mention dressing them up with a tuxedo jacket like Olivia Palermo has, with some heels for a night out (I don't recommend maxis for nights out for dancing - I speak from experience).

I found the following good places to get a maxi skirt:
American Apparel - this brand go without saying for simple jersey items like a maxi, they have a maxi of materials and lengths to choose from too (the sheer one here is nice)
ASOS - also excel with items like this, be careful of the polyester count in the fabric though...
Kew- I don't talk about this brand much, but they have some fab little bits ever so often - this maxi skirt (from John Lewis) is no exception, and the quality is amazing for £66.50
Reiss - slightly cheating as this one is navy rather than black, but it's so gorgeous I couldn't leave it out - reduced to £67 in the sale
Kain at The OutNet - OMFG this is a bargain, Kain's gorgeous capsule collections are amazing. This silk maxi skirt is reduced by 60% to £130

Have a look at my pinterest board full of black maxi skirt pictures for image credits and ideas for further outfit inspiration!  To review my other Essential posts, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Where is your own maxi skirt from?

Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

I am loving the black maxi - such a classic! xx

Kathleen said...

I like the hat, jean jacket and maxi combo.

Elma said...

I love this trend, I still have to get one too! x

Amy (whatimlovinglatey) said...

I've been looking for ways to wear my pleated black maxi skirt so thanks for sharing all the inspiration! Have a wonderful day :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful style.Loving your blog, maybe want to follow each other? If so just leave us a comment on our blog telling us that you are following us and we'll immediately follow your back!


Olivia said...

This is great - I'm the size of a borrower/min pin so thought maxis wouldn't work for me. They look so good on other people though, especially in these pictures! I''ve resolved to give them a go, and hope not to be drowned by it.
Olivia x

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Aurélie and Angelo said...

I'm so the glad maxi skirt trend is going strong! I think they are so easy to wear, a great way to instantly make an outfit elegant! xxx

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