[Craving] Oasis Street Skirt and my new Illustrations

Anyone who follows me on Twitter, or regular readers  of South Molton St Style will have noticed the site has had a facelift.  I traced the owner of the blog header last week, her name is Lindsay (of faiiiint) and she very kindly made me some revamped headers, icons and images for the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and my email signature.  Absolutely delighted with the results, they are fab!  Nice to have a bit of colour on South Molton Street!

So you imagine my thrilled little face when I spotted that Oasis have created a range called Street Scene, with a very similar feel.  I can now literally wear my blog on my sleeve (and around my waist, my neck... you get the idea).  My favourites pieces are the skirt (£50.00 here) and the scarf (£20.00 here)

Thanks so much to Lindsay for her fab work - hope you are all having a good week! It's nearly Friday!

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gaby said...

Wow what a beautiful surprise !! Amazing ! love the skirt and scarf they are very nice !!

Follow you I'd be glad if you follow back !!

Happy blogging !!


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