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The main point of me starting up this blog was to help me channel my spending obsession - rein in my ever growing wardrobe and help me decide on what really to spend my money on (hence The Essentials Series).  So when I was approached by The Borrowers Club, their concept literally made me squeal with delight.  In my opinion, the one thing you cannot scrimp on is a handbag - I do judge people on their arm candy - sorry to admit it.  If it ain't designer, it ain't cool.

I'm lucky enough to own a few (thank you boyfriend, thank you sample sales), but the one bag I've never been quite sure on is the Louis Vuitton Speedy - Is it cool?  Is it a bit WAG?  I couldn't decide so I decided to trial it out.  Here is the method behind the genius:  Simply sign up to their website and rent a chosen bag for 5 days - it is delivered to you, and you post it back.  Rentals start at £30.

In short, I couldn't have been more impressed with The Borrowers Club.  They kept in touch and let me know exactly when to expect my parcel, which arrived perfectly on time.  It was in a dust bag and with full 'instructions' on how to post it back etc (which is easy, pop it back in the envelope provided and pop it to a post office for free).

Anyway, I 'wore' the bag to an all day charity event me and some friends ran in Chelsea.  I got several comments from people about it - much more than I do when I wear my others, even my Hermes (which really, really surprised me).  The size was perfect for something like that - though it was starting to grate on me that I had to carry it the whole time as there isn't a shoulder strap and the handles are too short to go up your arm.

By the end of the weekend (the rental lasts 5 days) me and Speedy had gone on famously - I realised that owning an LV is a real statement.  Everyone looks at you - and immediately scans the bag for signs of it being a counterfeit.  In truth, I was surprised how thin the leather was for a genuine article. It looked great with more casual outfits, like the one above.  I loved the Speedy for quick trips out, but it's annoying for parties or all-day sessions as you need to keep it in your hand the whole time. Saying that, the bag worked well with my wardrobe as the colour goes brilliantly with my denim, greys, greens and creams.

Lopez got a bit jealous, so had a cheeky shot...

Overall renting this bag couldn't have been more perfect for me; I got to test run something I otherwise would have bankrupted myself through purchasing.  And the result?  As much as I love the Speedy, I don't it's for me - need something a little bigger and something a little less... Louis Vuitton.  Absolutely recommend The Borrowers Club, have a look at their site here.

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Josie said...

I'm a total bag snob too! Once you go designer it's hard to go back. I love this bag, but I'd probably prefer something with a bigger handle. Saying that, I'm obsessed with the Del Rey! xxx

Lili said...

Amazing bag!


Unknown said...

I really love with this LV Bag!!

Check Out My Outfit on My Blog--> Style and Trouble

A.O. said...

This is one of my favorite bags ever! I would love to work with The borrowers CLub!


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