[Essential] Utility Jacket

It's taken me some time to realise how useful something like this - but recently I've noticed how versatile a good  utility jacket is.  It has a lot to do with certain bloggers like Atlantic Pacific, The Marant Philes and The Fashion Guitar posting fab outfits, which encouraged me to try mine out with more.  I have two, one classic Barbour number (please tell me a true Brit who doesn't possess one of these?) that smells horrendous after 30 years (it was my mother's) of country walks but I kind of love it that way, and the other (more city worthy) is from Gap - I bought it in New York last year when the weather in August played tricks on me.

Jackets like these are so useful in Britain - our weather is, for want of a better word - sh*t.  One minute it is glorious sunshine, the next its tipping it down.  Utility jackets are lightweight enough for summer evenings, and (usually) waterproof enough to get you to your car/tube station/cab.  I'm a big fan of wearing them with delicate dresses and heels - it totally confuses the military-ness of the jacket.

They look fab with coloured trousers too - and go well with things like the breton tee, the leather trouser and the white sheer shirt.  Overall, it's the kind of piece you wont struggle to create outfits with - you'll probably find (like me) that you'll just find yourself wearing it all the time by accident.  Especially in spring/summer/autumn.

Where to buy your Utility Jacket:
Joseph - massive fan of this seasons fruits from the brand, if you have a few quid (and a bit more) to spare check out this gorgeous one for £445 here
Topshop - my favourite one actually, at £400 cheaper than the Joseph version and used in the outfit examples here
Zadig and Voltaire - every time I go into this shop, I find a valid reason to spend money. These guys know how to make excellent capsule piece. Including this jacket, for around £280 here.
Zara - couldn't really talk about these jackets without mentioning Zara; they have several version that are very good. My favourite is here for £69.99
Barbour - Aaaaah this old favourite.  Barbour's are Britain's only acceptable rainwear (I mean pouring rain, light rain allows trench coats!) Buy it here for £300.

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FYI - have started a pinterest board for all my Essentials, check out the utility jackets one!

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Anjmama said...

Lovely post Anna! Got a versatile parka from H n M ...

Can you do a post on the essential white shirt, please?


Josie said...

I really love these posts! I used to have the perfect utility jacket until my dog ATE it. Why did he do that haha? That Topshop one would make a fab replacement xxx

annacbie said...

wow you're so cute!

just found your blog and love your aesthetic!

and hey guess what! i just started a new blog! i think i have some great ideas and i'd love if you could stop by and perhaps follow it, if you like! (i'm following you, of course!)

Unknown said...

Great minds think alike - loving your edit too - I can tell you right now that I'm wearing said Topshop jacket which just protected me on a 2 mile trek to the train station in torrential downpour - buy away guys! Xx

Anonymous said...

I always think of Olivia P when I think of this style of jacket. I used to own a green one when I was younger and it really did go with lots of things. I think my style is different now but I can't deny there is a lot of inspiration here to buy another!

gaby said...

love this post!! Cargo jacket it is so versatile !!
I am not missing the weather in UK!!

have a fantastic day!!!

Theresa said...

Utility jackets are one style that I just can't get enough of! I love them! They can totally transform an outfit and there's just something about that's just so cool! Great post!


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